Saturday, September 27, 2008

America As California...

Here on the Left Coast, we have seen the Mexifornia future and it doesn't work. An economy built on the "cheap" labor of millions of illegal aliens who are kept afloat by billions of tax dollars in welfare is not a viable system. California's deepening budget hole from berserk spending simply cannot be papered over any longer. The massive costs of supporting a massive unskilled foreign population now threaten basic services.

The long-expected budget crisis has formed up in detail over the last while in the capital of Mexifornia. Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger has tapdanced his way to the end of the fantasy budget road. He managed to sidestep a lot of potholes, but his luck ran out: the subprime mortgage meltdown punctured the housing bubble and revealed the disastrous extent of California's shaky finances and a history of irresponsible choices.

Californians are being told by the suits in Sacramexico that the situation is dire.

New statistics from the Department of Public Social Services reveal that illegal aliens and their families in Los Angeles County collected nearly $37 million in welfare and food stamp allocations, announced Los Angeles County Supervisor Michael D. Antonovich.

“Illegal immigration continues to have a devastating impact on Los Angeles County taxpayers,” said Antonovich. “Annually, the cost of illegal immigration to Los Angeles County taxpayers exceeds one billion dollars, which includes $220 million for public safety, $400 million for healthcare, and $432 million in welfare allocations. This does not include millions of dollars for education.”

The article below is from August 2005,
The issue in a nutshell is that many illegal aliens, now widely viewed by banks and businesses of all stripes as a hot "new emerging market," can qualify for a home mortgage with as little as two years of U.S. residency, a "credit history," and an Individual Tax Payer Identification Number.

The National Association of Hispanic Real Estate Professionals, salivating, reports that according to its own study

"Undocumented Latino immigrants would add an estimated $44 billion in new mortgages to the housing economy…"