Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Backs To The West...

A.B. 2064 {snip} would require that all high school history textbooks in
California include teaching what Southeast Asians provided to the Americans
during the Vietnam War. In 2003, A.B. 78 was signed into law. It was similar to
A.B. 2064, but it only encouraged history teachers to teach it, rather than
requiring it.

When people don’t know their cultural history, they don’t know a part of
themselves. As a result, they may react negatively, even resenting their
After discovering my cultural history, I started educating others.
Often, in my classes I ended up educating my teachers and classmates about the
Hmong and how they helped in the Vietnam War. Afterwards, some non-Hmong
students even came up to me and asked more questions.


When people know little of (and become resentful towards) their own culture they are apt to disregard it and their own people.

They are more likely to devalue the uniqueness of their people and think little of seeing the lands their ancestors passed onto them overrun with people who share neither their culture nor their blood.

Today, Whites (who make up just 13% of the worlds population) are not only taught little of their own history, but what they are taught is designed to engender in them a resentment towards it.

They have been taught not only to turn their backs on their own people (and civilization), but to champion their downfall.