Friday, September 26, 2008

Feet As Food...

Once again a Christian (in the form of Albert Mohler, head-cheese of the Southern Baptists) demonstrates a penchant for selective reasoning (an affliction that is endemic to many Christians the world over).

Dr. Mohler is, naturally, peddling a book. His subject on the breakdown of normalcy in America (specifically sexual mores) is the focus of his blog on September 26, 2008.

He laments,
In the 1960's, Eros and Civilization received much attention on college campuses, where such ideas are always met with an enthusiastic audience. But the rest of the culture remained largely unaware of, and untroubled by, the assault that had begun to take place upon the very foundations of civilization itself. Now it has become obvious that this ideology of polymorphous perversity is inch by inch—if not yard by yard—gaining ground. Read the daily newspaper, or just review the events of a typical week. Even something as basic as the heterosexual nature of marriage is now very much under assault. The very idea of normality, or of fixed institutions, is being subverted by the culture and marginalized by cultural elites. What we now face is the subversion of humanity's most basic categories and institutions—gender, marriage, and family. In the eyes of all too many in our culture, gender is merely a plastic social construct. Indeed, in the postmodern world, all realities are plastic and all principles are liquid. Everything can be changed. Nothing is fixed. All truth is relative, all truth is socially constructed, and anything which is constructed can also be deconstructed in order to liberate.

Mohler's list of humanity's most basic categories and institutions (gender, marriage and family) seems to be missing something.



Christians like Mohler have rejected centuries of basic understanding and flat out obviousness by embracing the notion that race is a "social construct".

It wasn't that long ago that churches refused to marry people of two different races. Their reasoning was that the existence of race was obvious and thus obviously part of God's design and far be it for them to alter it.
Then came the "sexual revolution" and they buckled under the social pressure during the 1960's and 1970's and began openly advocating miscegenation.
Today the vanguard of that movement now marries homosexuals and lesbians.

Christians now find themselves caught in the snare Marxists laid for them by having to continue reaffirming their belief in "race as a social construct" while trying to worm their way around "gender as a social construct" as well.
And they can't.

They pitched their tent on the enemies side and are now shocked to find out that they are not allowed to fly their own flag.

In their desire to conform to Leftist notions of "equality", Christians stuck their foot in their mouth when they gave vocal support to the ridiculous notion that "race is a social construct".
Now the Marxists authors of that ideology are telling their neo-Christian pupils to start chewing...