Sunday, September 28, 2008

How Things Work...

CLEVELAND, Tenn. — Some construction subcontractors have complained to the Bradley County Commission that competitors are hiring illegal workers and driving them out of business.

“It seems to be getting out of hand,” local contractor Jerry Chess said. “I’d say I’ve lost 65 percent of my business this year.”

Troy Smith, a masonry contractor, agreed that the problem lies with general contractors and homeowners. Employers go to locations like one on Georgetown Road where unemployed people gather, hire them for the day and pay them in the evening in cash, he said.

Mr. Chess, who employs six workers legally, said he can’t find work because he must pay taxes, insurance and other costs for providing jobs, and his competitors do not, making their prices much cheaper. Mr. Chess said he may have to go out of business soon.

“It’s clearly against the law to hire illegals,” Mr. Smith said.

Meanwhile Sheriff Tim Gobble announced that his department has become part of the Federal Criminal Alien Program through U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement. That allows the sheriff’s department to identify whether all new inmates are U.S. citizens.

“This is a step in the right direction, but the federal government must get the illegal alien problem under control by securing the U.S. borders and quickly deporting all who come here illegally,” the sheriff said. “The first test of citizenship is the ability to follow the law.”

Chief Deputy Bill Dyer said over the past several years there has been a noticeable increase in offenders brought to the jail who cannot provide a driver’s license, Social Security card or authenticated immigration papers.


Many people have laid out the reasons why this mass invasion of our country (politely referred to as illegal immigration) is bad economically.

Now, setting aside the rapid spread of new and previously defeated diseases in America by this mass invasion, as well as the rapid rise in violent crimes that are quickly reaching into every city, town and neighborhood from Maine to Oregon, let us just for a moment take them at their word and consider what the pro-immigrant crowd’s argument boils down to.

  1. The illegals are simply doing the jobs Americans will not.
  2. Those jobs in question are the menial jobs such as mowing lawns, picking fruit etc..
  3. If we deport the illegals those jobs will not get done.

Thus we can conclude from the pro-immigrant crowds talking points that the most severe fallout from deporting the illegals would (essentially) be…… taller grass!

Now that point can work no matter where you wish too apply it….unpicked fruit (the horror!), slow service in restaurants (the inhumanity!), disheveled country club landscapes (is there no end to the tragedy!),..

And considering that 95% of Americans eat some sort of "fast food", cut their own grass and don’t belong to country clubs, its not difficult to figure out who in fact is benefiting from the services attributed to illegals.

Its also worth keeping in mind that if the fruit and vegetable fields in California were vacated of workers and productivity, it would be a boon to regional (as in LOCAL) fruit and vegetable growers.
(How quickly Americans forget that conglomeration of Industry is detrimental to local economies…)

To be fair though, Old Media has been complicit in this forgotten knowledge. The reason being, Old Media (large papers, magazines, networks etc.) has been conglomerated itself and is now part of (as in owned by) the “business community”. As such, it kisses the ass of its benefactors

This can be seen in its two-faced approach to lulling the masses. For example, when they wish to downplay the long-term effect of mass invasion, they give us stories about "Pedro".

"Pedro" is the media generated archetype of the lone Mexican migrant worker/day laborer who is only here to raise a few extra pesos for the family back home. Once that's done, he is on his way back to Mexico. No Problemo. Joe Sixpack and Sally Soccermom can safely nod back off into their media induced slumberland.

Then when they (the media) are called upon to protect Corporate America’s assets from those who point out that these migrants are not going back home, but are in fact staying and fundamentally altering the towns and neighborhoods they have taken over numerically, hard working- "temporary" guest worker "Pedro", miraculously morphs into long suffering- hope of tomorrow "Maria".

"Maria" is the other media generated archetype. She is the always hardworking single mother working as a waitress or housekeeper to support 2 lovable Tiny-Tim’ish type children (who are always around ten and never age) and their dog Spot.

(In real life, of course, “Maria” is a 35-year-old welfare recipient with 6 teenage sons, three of whom are in prison and the other three in gangs. But reality doesn’t adequately play on White America’s sympathies)

And for those who fall for the poor third world immigrant bit, just remind them of what country routinely ranks in the top 15 most powerful economies in the world.

I’ll give you a hint; it begins with M ends with O and has an X in the middle...