Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Nations And Peoples As Jerseys...

There are a few pithy linguistic riffs that adequately sum up the vacuousness of egalitarian thinking.

One is, "The man who stands for nothing, will fall for anything."

Another is Chesterton's famous quip, "Tolerance is the virtue of the man with no convictions."

Likewise, we could add, "The friend to every man is loyal to no one in particular."

As was written here before,

If you embrace "Equality" then you reject (increasingly) all forms of difference.

If you embrace the notion that race is a social construct, you WILL in turn embrace the notion that gender is a social construct as well.

If you endorse interracial marriage today, then you WILL endorse homosexual marriage tomorrow.
.....and on it goes......

Once you except, partially or wholly, the notion of Equality, you have immersed yourself in a world of lies. And the more lies you tell yourself, and the more lies you allow yourself to believe in, the more detached you become from reality, until it gets to the point that reality itself becomes the enemy.

One day you nod approvingly to the Confederate Flag being removed from a State house, then a few years later you are flabbergasted to see a box of crayons denounced as "divisive". (Think that won't happen? Wait a few years, I GUARANTEE YOU IT WILL.)

Americans know that the *TRUTH* is the reality that today's immigrants are different because they are from a different race than ourselves. That is what makes even legal immigration today different from immigration in the past.
That, is Truth.

We know down deep that if you were to replace all the Chinese people in China with Arabs, it wouldn't be China anymore.
We know that if you replace all the Indians in India with Polynesians, it wouldn't be India anymore.

And the application is no longer a theory in America as Americans can see the nation they were raised in, that their parents, and grandparents and great-grandparents were raised in, is literally being destroyed and removed by the presence of people who are of an entirely different race than themselves and their ancestors.

That is the truth. And if the thought of acknowledging that truth unnerves you then you had better get a grip on yourself and your mental capacities before you lose all sense of perspective and fall from the shores of reality into the depths of a constantly altering sea of illusions and delusions.

Already today we can see segments of our society who (by embracing the idea of equality) have plunged into such a state of mental anarchy that they can no longer (as in, are willing to) distinguish between black people and White people, male and female, humans and plants, tress and animals, terrorism and civility, history and propaganda, (in art) beauty and ugliness, Christianity and Islam, science and dogma, good and bad, Truth and Lies....

The cult of Equality strips people of their 'soul' because it engenders an apathy (and eventually a hostility) towards the ability to place value and assess worth.
It rips the very heart out of such truths as Nation, Community, Family, Father, Mother, Brother, Sister, Child and Friend, because it denies the very nature of their distinctiveness.
And in the end it destroys such "divisive" concepts as Devotion, Loyalty and Love, because those are three things that you can never apply equally to all places, things and people.

That is why today, as our society plunges deeper into the depraved depths of "Equality", we see anarchy, nihilism and violence escalating by a factor of ten from one year to the next.

Unless and until you learn to live with the limitations that the Truth will place on your need for warm, (and ultimately empty) fuzzy feelings, you are going to continue to be a participant in the taking of a-long-fought-for civilization down to the third level of societal hell.

And this is no emotional appeal, as there are very real real-time consequences to the differences in human groupings,

The reality is that Mother
Nature is no egalitarian. People are in fact
unequal in intellectual potential—and
they are born that way, just as they are
born with different potentials for height,
physical attractiveness, artistic flair, athletic
prowess and other traits. Although
subsequent experience shapes this potential,
no amount of social engineering can
make individuals with widely divergent
mental aptitudes into intellectual equals.

In my own work, I have tried to synthesize
the many lines of research that
document the influence of IQ on life outcomes.
As the illustration on the opposite
page shows, the odds of various kinds of
achievement and social pathology change
systematically across the IQ continuum,
from borderline mentally retarded
(below 70) to intellectually gifted (above
130). Even in comparisons of those of
somewhat below average (between 76
and 90) and somewhat above average
(between 111 and 125) IQs, the odds for
outcomes having social consequence are
stacked against the less able. Young men
somewhat below average in general
mental ability, for example, are more
likely to be unemployed than men
somewhat above average. The lower-IQ
woman is four times more likely to bear
illegitimate children than the higher-IQ
woman; among mothers, she is eight
times more likely to become a chronic
welfare recipient. People somewhat
below average are 88 times more likely
to drop out of high school, seven times
more likely to be jailed and five times
more likely as adults to live in poverty
than people of somewhat above-average
IQ. Below-average individuals are 50
percent more likely to be divorced than
those in the above-average category.
-Prof. Linda Gottfredson, University of Deleware

What makes these facts all the more contentious in our PC devoted world today is that IQ is not evenly distributed among the various races.
East-Asians generally have the highest IQ's at around 104, followed by Whites at 100, mestizo-Hispanics at about 88 and blacks at 85.

Not surprisingly this IQ ladder reflects the socio-economic reality in America which has Asians at the top, followed by Whites, then hispanics and blacks at the bottom.

Of course if you reject the science of racial differences, then you are left with one option to explain away these racial's Whitey's fault!
It's an easy out, yet it fails to explain (and will continue to fail to explain) away the continuing racial disparity at all locals and societal levels across the globe. (particularly in light of the fact that Whites make up just around 13% of the worlds population)

The truth is, nations are living biological entities whose existence is permeated on the basis of genetic codes (blood) being passed down from one generation to another.

Nations are not football teams whose rosters can be changed year after year, but whose identities rely only upon players this year wearing the same jerseys the (different) players from last year wore.

Societies are racial constructs. And it is only a cold, corporatist and genocidal mindset that would believe otherwise...