Monday, September 15, 2008

Of Gods And Circuses....

A prominent evangelical figure in the U.S. this week said Republican
vice-presidential nominee Sarah Palin is a modern-day incarnation of the
Biblical prophet, Deborah - primed to miraculously slay her nation's enemies on
the battlefield.

Evangelicals who don't support Charisma worry that J. Lee Grady has not
only embraced Sarah Palin as a prophet, but in 2005 heartily endorsed
, the disgraced B.C-based faith healer.
Bentley is the
tattooed former criminal who last month stepped down from his controversial
revival in Florida over an affair with a woman. Bentley, raised in Gibsons,
B.C., is known to be a heavy drinker. During his ecstatic services he would
often punch or kick sick people in the name of healing them.


Now, granted, Evangelical Christians are societal bottom feeders and that makes for good tabloid reporting.

And hearing of a minister comparing a politician (or should I say femitician) to a character in a mythological story is certainly worthwhile for its reminder of just how delusional theists are.

Still.....outside of his friends, family and "flock",who gives a shit what this guy thinks about anything?

Of course I realize (as I certainly hope everyone else does) that this is only being given coverage in the media because it is seen as a way to make a politician look like an idiot (guilt by association).

But still, are people really so stupid as to look past that fact?

Will readers of the above article be perplexed when, next week, they are not informed of what the good Rev. Grady thinks about, say, the number one film at the box office?

Will the Vancouver Sun print the Reverends impressions of Fashion Week?

If you are someone that doesn't believe the media actually has an unhealthy influence over your opinions, then the above article should at least convince you that they are sure as hell trying.

But what is really tragic is the fact that there is so much fury over what has to be the most ridiculous election cycle in human history.

Just pausing for a moment to reflect on the two "tickets" really helps to crystallize this reality.

Your choices for "leadership" of the United States of America are,

The Democrats;

Barak Obama. His main qualification is that he is a black guy.

Joseph Biden. His main qualification is that he is not also a black guy.

The Republicans;

John McCain. His main qualification is his lifelong devotion to Mexico.

Sarah Palin. Her main qualification is that she once took down a moose.

Still, the people are much entertained. And after all, isn't that what it's all about?