Friday, September 5, 2008

Orwell And The Idiot Box...

How much power and influence does television exercise over you and your family?


A lot?

Complete and Total?

Are you willing to admit it?

The truth is TV is probably the single most powerful thing in the world today.

I know, some deny it, but yet those who deny it always say the same things....just happen to have the same attitudes, same political view points, same fashion sense, same hair styles, etc...
And all of their "personal tastes" just happen to coincide with what happens to be on TV and in the movies.

"Personal freedom" and "express your individuality" are both slogans shouted by people who look, walk, talk, act, dress and think exactly like one another.

Someone once recommended Michael Moore's film, 'Bowling for Columbine' as a way to disprove the influence media (in this case video games) has on the minds of people.

It begged the question, "if media has no influence on people then why did Michael Moore make that movie?"

I mean here was a guy (Michael Moore) using media to persuade people that media doesn't persuade people. It doesn't get much more Orwellian than that!

Then comes the Superbowl where the high price of thirty second commercials is often discussed by both media and non-media alike, without any of us "little people" asking, "Why so high?"

Why do corporations spend billions every year on advertisements?

Why do politicians do the same?

Why do lobbyist groups run commercials advocating their perspective?

Why do we hear the call for more minorities on TV?

Why do we not see the KKK or neo-Nazi's on television giving their views or espousing their ideologies in regularly formatted programs?

Why is the media, in all its branches, so single minded of purpose in its world view?

Why does the media preach the same dogma that is spewed forth by the government and corporations?

Because in today's world, perception equals truth.
And whoever has the power to create the perception, has the power to create the "truth".

from MSNBC,

'In a more diverse America, a mostly white

Each night, the overwhelmingly white audience watches a series of white
politicians step to the lectern —
a visual
that no black Republican has served as a governor, U.S.
senator or U.S. House member in the past six years.

It's all about image.

And in point of fact it has gotten to the point that those without televisions may be perceived as dangerous radicals,

For many Americans the thought of life without TV is akin to forgoing
food, shelter or, God forbid, the Internet. But about 1 to 2 percent of
Americans do abstain from the boob tube,
and they might seem like strange

A recent study of those who live without found that about two-thirds
fall into either the "crunchy granola set" or the "religious right,
ultraconservative" camp, said researcher Marina Krcmar, a professor of
communication at North Carolina's Wake Forest University.


Forget the critique of those without a TV, and note that according to this report, nearly 99% of Americans have one in their home.

Deny it all you like, but media plays an overwhelming factor in our political viewpoints, morals, ideals, notions of right and wrong, how we should dress, mate, judge, think, react, feel, live and die.

And those who still deny the media's power will often throw out a counter point that they heard, yep, from the media.

In other words, media is our God.
And the gate keepers of the media, our high priests.

So the question you should now be asking yourself at this point is, "who controls the media?"