Friday, September 19, 2008

The Race That Wasn't There...

It's rather a unique position to be in, being White in the early 21st century. As was shown in the prior post, we often hear calls for our complete and total destruction, yet when we protest this, those very same voices championing our demise simply inform us that we don't exist anyway so we shouldn't worry about it.

On the one hand, we are absolutely here and responsible for every tragic event from slavery to tummy aches.

On the other hand, we're just a social construct whose presence is a mystical illusion, so there is no point in fretting over our extinction.

Case in point,

'The reluctant realization about his mother’s racial identity—and that it is hers for the choosing'.

Despite two decades filled with her consoling image, images and particulars still nestled firmly in the nooks of my nostalgia—coffee auburn locks to match the scent of sweet coffee on her words—I was probably tipped off to her lurking whiteness not too long ago. historian Noel Ignatiev points out. (But he also calls for the “abolition” of the white race—of its privilege, of its label; not of its members. Still, maybe we should take his words with a grain of salt, yes?)

Now, here I have to pause and point out a rather obvious fact in regards to "White Privilege".

What ding-a-lings like the above (and the manipulative professors who encourage them) consider America's historical "White Privilege" is not uncoincidentally connected to the era ranging from America's creation (by Whites -that being people of indigenous European descent-) between 1776 and 1787, to around 1975 when America was 90% White.

In other words, "White Privilege" existed in America the same way English Privilege existed in England. Or French Privilege existed in France, or Indian Privilege existed in India or Japanese Privilege existed in Japan or Jewish Privilege exists in Israel and so on and so forth.

If a nation is 90% White, then its political, academic and cultural institutions are naturally going to reflect that reality.
Just as a nation that is 90% Arab is going to reflect Arab cultural outlooks and institutions.

If you were to grow up in China, you might find their history, media and academic outlooks to be decidedly Asiacentric.
But would you be so dense as to suggest that the Asian Race is just a social construct and that it is systemic racism in Chinese society, manifested in "Asian Privilege", that accounts for the total lack of Turkish, Ethiopian or Brazilian Heads of State there?

Now to continue with the article.
The following is exerted to show the contradicting nature of the anti-White propaganda.

The nuance isn’t entirely too clear to passersby who see my mother’s hand entwined with my father’s as they walk down the streets of our ethnic enclave. (That’s Miami, or Hialeah for those in the know).

An Ecuadorian through and through—although she oddly expresses her affection for the diminutive nation through insults and political apathy—she wants to maintain a connection to the native peoples with whose plight she empathizes. But it’s more than that. As much as her reddened, pale skin betrays her legitimate claim to native roots, she unabashedly enjoys her minority status. She revels in playing the underdog. She’s lived the bulk of her American experience impoverished, ostracized by her poor English-speaking skills, feeling culturally dissonant in a structure (the US Army) that demands conformity—and she’ll be damned if she’s going to let skin color get in the way of that.

No you are not seeing things, this guy really is all over the place.
He says his mother shows her love for Ecuador by
a. Fleeing it.
b.Insulting it.
c. Expressing political apathy towards it.

Sounds like true love to me!

He then tells us that despite his mother being White, she never-the-less takes full advantage of the minority status the US government affords her (ridiculously) for having come from a Spanish speaking nation.
So she can not only "pass" for White, but she also gets the benefit of Affirmative Action, Race Quotas ( a double dose for her being a woman), free medical treatment, free education, special protection under "hate crime" statutes, etc...

Then after telling us she lives in Miami, living off the Minority Status gravy train, he informs us that she experienced an impoverished life because of her poor English speaking skills! Miami!.....a majority Hispanic city!...home to Spanish language channels such as Univision, Telemundo, Telefutura, and others!

As of 2000, speakers of Spanish as their first language accounted for 66.75% of residents (in Miami), while English was spoken by 25.45%.

And that was in 2000!

He goes on,

She’s not been an accomplice to white flight from the Hispanic label. She’s refused to become a player in this mad dash toward ascension on the racial hierarchy, to feed into the hysteria of becoming white.

And who has been an "accomplice to White flight from the Hispanic label?"

Try, nobody.

And why would they when (as is attested to in the article) they can latch on to the minority status, playing the underdog while getting all of the cultural and economic perks.

I think I’ve decided—and this, just now—that my mother isn’t white. Whiteness isn’t concrete. It’s not as apparent or obvious as people make it out to be. It’s negotiated. It’s constructed. It’s malleable. Its boundaries shift so often that groups once categorically relegated to non-white status, groups highly racialized—like the Irish, the Italians, the Germans—are now firmly in the white camp.

You know this (that Germans and Irish were once considered non-White) is a claim that I have come across a lot on the Internet, but one for which very little actual evidence exists to back it up.

The German source seems to stem from a comment made by Benjamin Franklin, while the Irish one mostly comes from political cartoons of the 19th century.
But then you can also find such newspaper drawings depicting the French as sinister and alien looking people as well.
And why not?
America was not only overwhelmingly White from her genesis (the British Colonies), but overwhelmingly British (thus English speaking) and Protestant as well.

By the time the Germans, Italians and Irish began to arrive in large numbers, America already had a firmly established identity in history, language, politics, religion and culture.

The other groups, being European to begin with, quickly acclimated to this pre-existing cultural matrix by learning the English language and Anglicizing their names.
This process occurred quickly because the newly arrived Europeans we're already so culturally and racially similar to their hosts, the Anglo-Saxon majority.

In date, no non-European derived people have been able (or willing) to assimilate fully into American culture.

That is because Race is not a social construct, society is a racial construct!

But....(just to point out the foolishness and bassakward thinking of modern liberal dogma)...,

This claim that Italian, German, Irish and other Whites (again, that being people of indigenous European descent) were not at one time considered White, creates a few problems for the anti-White bigots.

After all it was the Portuguese, Spaniards and Italians who kick started modern European colonialism/imperialism, as well as being the largest purveyors of the slave trade, with around 95% of African slaves being carted off to Latin America by Spaniards and Portuguese traders.

And it was mostly those (at the time) non-White German and Irishmen at whose feet most of the anti-black animosity in 18th and 19th century America can be laid, as it was they who came most into contact with blacks in the cities in which they had recently arrived. (the majority of the British stock in America at that time -the English, Welsh and Scotch Irish- were residing in the almost exclusively White regions of New England, Appalachia and (later) the Mid-West)

So now you know.

It was, in fact, (according to ding-a-lings at universities across America) those (at the time considered to be) non-White Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, Irish and Germans who were behind most of the colonialism/slavery/racism shenanigans in the 18th and 19th centuries, and not us Whites!

Did I say us Whites?

I forgot.....we were never here.