Sunday, September 14, 2008

Re-Up (Charging Windmills)...

An excerpt from a review of Prof. Michael Levin's book 'Why Race Matters' by Jared Taylor,

There is now not much informed opposition (though a great deal of
uninformed opposition) to the conclusion that IQ tests test intelli- gence, that
intelligence is at least partly hereditary, and that the races differ in average
IQ. The last-ditch battle of the egalitarians is to try to save the idea that
race differences are caused by environment — primarily by malevolent white
people, past and present.
To counter this view, Prof. Levin gives a thorough
account of recent work on the strictly biological correlates of intelligence.
When smart people think, their brains emit different electrophysiological
signals from those of the less smart. Prof. Levin notes that advances in the
study of brain waves could probably establish quite precise racial differences,
but fear appears to have halted the research. Brain size also has a robust
correlation with intelligence, and intelligent people’s brains metabolize
glucose relatively slowly.
Egalitarians claim that childhood nutrition
accounts for this sort of thing, but the differences remain when nutrition is
held constant (when only those blacks and whites who get the same diet are
compared). Moreover, black children mature more rapidly than white children, are
more athletic, and go on to dominate professional sports — not what one would
expect from the malnourished. Likewise, diet does not explain metabolic or brain
size differences in fraternal twins reared in the same family on the same food.
If the anti-biology camp is not to be silenced completely it must argue that
people uncon- sciously single out children with large heads for favorable
treatment or give white children subtle training in how to retard glucose
oxidation.As the book shows, egalitarians are always shifting their ground,
ignoring data, and creating mysteries where none exists.Examples of the latter
are the currently fashionable views that race is a purely social artifact that
should be junked, and that intelligence is undefined and unknow- able. Prof.
Levin notes that acrobatics of this kind are pure tendentiousness. Those who
would discard the idea of race in any discussion of IQ find it essential for
affirm- ative action. As for the pose that intelligence is unknowable:“People
who make a point in argument of not understanding “intelligence’ invariably do
understand it in all other contexts. They know an “intelligent’ child is one who
learns quickly, and that, of the two, Nobel laureates tend to be more
“intelligent’ than manual laborers… People pretend not to understand
“intelligence,’ I suspect, to avoid embarrassment over race.”There is also much
ignorant shrieking about the “bias” of IQ tests designed by white men, but it is
an odd bias that permits Asians to outscore whites. As Prof. Levin explains, a
real example of bias would be a test of hand-eye coordination that involved only
the right hand. Lefties could prove the bias of such a test by demonstrating
their ability with their left hands. “If the races are equally intelligent,” he
writes, “it should be possible to find a task intuitively requiring intelligence
that blacks perform as well as whites.” No such task has ever been

For example, the widely used Minnesota Multiphasic Personality
Inventory (MMPI), which subdivides personality into a number of categories,
shows consistent differences in how blacks and whites evaluate themselves.
Blacks, for example, hold themselves in higher regard than whites (or, in
today’s jargon, have “higher self-esteem”). They are consistently more likely to
agree with statements like:
I am an important person. I am entirely self-confident. If given
the chance I
could make a good leader of people. I have often had to take
orders from someone
who did not know as much as I did.

The common assumption that blacks are “taught to hate themselves” is
wrong; blacks are quite pleased with themselves. At the same time, they
consistently score higher than whites on the MMPI scales for such things as
Hypomania, Psychopathy, Schizophrenia, and Masculinity, which are precisely the
traits that distinguish incarcerated criminals from the rest of us. They tend to
agree, for example, with statements like:
Most people are honest chiefly through fear of being caught.
Most people make
friends because friends are likely to be useful to them.
Most people will use
somewhat unfair means to gain profit or an advantage
rather than lose it. It is
not hard for me to ask help from my friends even
though I cannot return the

Another finding is that blacks are more impulsive or present-oriented
than whites. Given a choice between a small candy bar today and a big one
tomorrow, black children are more likely than white children to want the small
one today.
Prof. Levin does not flinch from drawing what may appear to be an
unkind conclusion: Given the crime rates, social irresponsibility, lack of
foresight, impulsiveness, and general self-centeredness of black behavior,
blacks probably have a different inherent capacity and appreciation for
He proposes that this difference can be explained by the
environments in which blacks and whites (and Asians) evolved. In a warm climate
where food can be gathered year-round, people do not need to develop habits of
cooperation and planning in order to get through the winter. In the north, it
took mutual trust and cooperation for groups of men to bring down large game, so
reciprocal morality evolved along with intelligence.

Climate and terrain could also have influenced sexual behavior. Since
African women could gather food for themselves and their children even if a mate
abandoned them, there was less pressure to insist that men support their
children. For the same reason, there was less evolutionary pressure on fathers
to stick around. In the north, a man who abandoned his children might well leave
no descendants to behave in like manner. And in fact, the family habits of
Africans and transplanted blacks are extremely loose by white standards.
What we think of as moral behavior, including sexual morality, is now known
to be heavily influenced by genes.

As Prof. Levin points out, there is no biological reason to expect
different populations to have evolved exactly the same distribution of
morality-influencing genes. Therefore it is likely that “the races have …
evolved divergent evaluations of cooperativeness, aggression, rule-following,
and concern with the future.”

The following is an excerpt from an exchange at over what Whites owe blacks. After making source-free accusations against whites, Laurence Auster responds thusly,

Reading Kerry M.s' spectacular racist diatribe against white America,
I've suddenly realized with a chill that Jefferson's dark prophecies of
murderous black-on-white racial warfare in his Notes on the State of Virginia
were not nearly dark enough. After all, the enduring black racial hatred against
whites that Jefferson predicted was based solely on the slavery that existed in
Jefferson's time.

Jefferson never envisioned 600,00o white men dead and the South
destroyed in a war that resulted in the end of slavery. Jefferson never
envisioned the 14th Amendment that gave the federal government power to force
states to treat blacks equally regarding their basic human rights.

Jefferson never envisioned the Incorporation Doctrine, by which the
Constitution was turned on its head to eliminate state's rights. Jefferson never
envisioned the creation of a network of black colleges and other institutions
devoted to black uplift, all paid for by white philanthropists. Jefferson never
envisioned Brown v. Board of Education which required southern white schools to
admit blacks.

Jefferson never envisioned the Civil Rights movement, in which white
America as a whole resolved to change the way blacks were treated and made the
overcoming of racial discrimination against blacks into America's sacred moral

Jefferson never envisioned the coming into being of a huge black middle
class, unprecedented in history. Jefferson never envisioned 40 years of social
pay-offs to blacks in the form of trillions of dollars in welfare payments and
other transfer payments.

Jefferson never envisioned minority racial preferences, in which
millions of blacks throughout this land were awarded with the possession of jobs
from which they cannot be fired no matter what their incompetence and

Jefferson never envisoned the gutting of America's moral standards in
an effort to remove the standards by which black behavior was found wanting.

Jefferson never imagined white America turning on itself in a spasm of
self-hatred over its historic sins against blacks. Jefferson never envisioned
America delegitimizing itself as a historic country over its past treatment of
blacks. Jefferson never envisioned a culture in which blacks would be treated as
moral exemplars and heroes and symbols of America, far beyond their actual

Jefferson never envisioned a situation in which black criminals and
rapists would prey on whites year after year and this fact would never be
mentioned in the press, out of a need of white America to cover up black sins
and maintain the illusion of white guilt.

Jefferson never envisioned the Wichita massacre and the Knoxville
atrocity and the way they would be ignored by white America in order to avoid
casting a light on the reality of black anti-white savagery.

Jefferson never envisioned a popular culture centered on
black-dominated professional athletics in which millions of white men
breathlessly follow the exploits of black athletes, many of them criminal thugs,
who are paid more for a single game than Jefferson ever possessed in hard cash
in his lifetime.

Jefferson never envisioned any of these things that have come to pass.

Yet despite all these things, Kerry M. and millions of blacks who think
the way he does believe that white America has never done anything for blacks,
believe that whites are still oppressing blacks in the most horrible,
conscienceless way, and that the black situation in America hasn't improved at
all; they believe that whites are guilty, deeply guilty and deeply deserving of
black racial vengeance, because of this ongoing white racial oppression of

Jefferson could not have imagined that white America would turn itself
inside out for blacks' sake, and that blacks would acknowledge none of this but
would still be on fire to wreak vengeance on whites, because Jefferson was not
insane. Only an insane person could have imagined that such a thing could come
about. But it has come about, and an anti-white racist lunatic like Kerry M.
goes through life with his head filled with terrible thoughts and endless
resentment about the crimes that whites are supposedly still committing against
blacks and the terrible price that whites owe to blacks because of this.

He thinks, for example, that white America coldly turned its eyes from
New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina, because the people in New Orleans were
black. The staggering efforts made by whites across the country for blacks
during that crisis do not enter his consciousness. (At the time I said that
whites who kept helping blacks in that situation while blacks were heaping abuse
on whites' heads were fools. See quote below.)

Another commenter notes,

"Not only 600,000 dead and 1/3 of the nation wrecked, not only the
destruction of the public school system, but since John F. Kennedy's last
federal budget ($99 billion for EVERYTHING), there have been over $7 trillion
dollars in transfer payments from whites to blacks for Medicaid, welfare,
"community development", etc--not to mention all the private expenditures for
hiring the "Vice President for Community Relations", the diversity consultants,
not to mention the shakedowns and the lawsuits--We may have paid over ten
trillion dollars since 1965 in what are essentially reparations."

Here is an interesting poll on race relations in the United States,

The three main minorities in the United States -- blacks, Hispanics and
Asians -- have little trust for each other.....
Forty-four percent of
Hispanics and 47 percent of Asians are "afraid of African-Americans because they
are responsible for most of the crime," the survey of 1,105 adults drawn from
the three ethnic groups showed.
More than half of black Americans polled and
46 percent of Hispanics said Asian business owners do not treat them with
respect. And half of African-Americans said Latin American immigrants "are
taking jobs, housing and political power away from the black community...
three ethnic groups viewed white Americans in a more favorable light than they
did members of another minority.
Sixty-one percent of Hispanics, 54 percent
of Asians and 47 percent of African-Americans said they would rather do business
with whites than members of the other two groups

One thing that seems to escape the minds of blacks and white egalitarians on the subject of Africans arrival in America and their status as slaves, is that considering that many of them were indeed kept as slaves with no real status whatsoever inside of the White Western World, they were none-the-less given their freedom, the right to own property, the right to vote, the right to hold public office, the right to serve in courts of law, et….

They have, over time, been given all the rights of whites (by whites) in a White Civilization.

Whites were under no obligation or pressure whatsoever to free (let alone better) slaves from a primitive society, yet they did!

Upon their arrival in Western lands they (Africans) were (and remained for centuries) at the complete and total mercy of Whites. Their fates, both immediate and collectively, were wholly in the hands of White people in a White establishment within White Civilization.

And what happened?
Whites not only loosed their chains, but also turned their own civilization upside down in an effort to accommodate these descendants of slaves.

Whites have now (irresponsibly) extended this philosophy of equality to non-Whites (Asians, Arabs, Indians and Hispanics) in a world where the non-Whites are 87% of the population compared to White's 13% (and dropping fast).

How much longer will whites continue to endure a philosophy (equality) that is about as grounded in reality as Don Quixote's giants?