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Shooting At The Sun...

It was once said that the sun never set on the British Empire; it's reach and influence being's language and culture (everything from Shakespeare and Dickens to common law) the envy of the world and the model of civilization, birthing nations such as Canada, New Zealand, Australia, South Africa and America.

Then came modern liberalism!!!!

Today the British Empire is still with us (though smaller and more ragged than before), yet she is immersed in self hatred and contempt for her own.
Like the jewish feminist writer Susan Sontag, the British elite believes Whites and all that they stand for (namely the belief in the need to pursue Law, Order and Justice) are a cancer to human history.

So today, unable to successfuly purge the earth of all things British just yet, the liberals in the UK have decided to simply shoot down the sun in hopes of plunging Britain into perpetual moral, ideological and civilizational darkness in the meantime.

A MUM claims she was arrested and had her DNA and fingerprints taken by police because she had a `golly' doll in the window of her home.

She claims the doll was put in the window by her young daughter, who found it in a bag of toys.

But police say she was arrested after a series of complaints of alleged racially-aggravated behaviour were made against her.

She was released without charge after being questioned.

Now this woman was accused by the police of a "series of ALLEGED racially-aggrivated behavior".


they pressed no charges.

In other words the anti-White British ploice are bullying and harrassing her to make an example out of her because she is White.

And to back that up, here is an example of what might be considered "racially aggrivated behavior" in modern day Britain,

Publishers and universities are outlawing dozens of seemingly innocuous words in case they cause offence.

Banned phrases on the list, which was originally drawn up by sociologists, include Old Masters, which has been used for centuries to refer to great painters - almost all of whom were in fact male.

It is claimed that the term discriminates against women and should be replaced by "classic artists".

The list of banned words was written by the British Sociological Association, whose members include dozens of professors, lecturers and researchers.

The list of allegedly racist words includes immigrants, developing nations and black, while so-called "disablist" terms include patient, the elderly and special needs.

It comes after one council outlawed the allegedly sexist phrase "man on the street", and another banned staff from saying "brainstorm" in case it offended people with epilepsy.

However the list of "sensitive" language is said by critics to amount to unwarranted censorship and wrongly assume that people are offended by words that have been in use for years.

Prof Frank Furedi, a sociologist at the University of Kent, said he was shocked when he saw the extent of the list and how readily academics had accepted it.

I was moved to despair when I found out that one of my favourite words, 'civilised', ought not be used by a culturally sensitive author because of its alleged racist implications."

Prof Furedi said that censorship is about the "policing of moral behaviour" by an army of campaign groups, teachers and media organisations who are on a "crusade" to ban certain words and promote their own politically correct alternatives.

The University of Bristol's School for Policy Studies recommends the guidelines to help students "challenge heterosexist assumptions", and they are included in a "toolkit" to combat institutional racism included on the University of Leeds' website.

King's College London says they "may provide a good starting point" and Liverpool John Moores University provides a link to them in its students' guide. The Open University said they are an "appropriate source of reference and advice" for students.

Napier University in Edinburgh says the list is "well worth looking at" while the University of East London advises its students they should "attempt to incorporate" it.

Even a secondary school in Norwich includes a link to the list on its website, with the statement: "Students may care to consider how far we inadvertently reproduce inaccurate sexist assumptions in the language we use, both written and spoken."

The list of racist terms features black, which "can be used in a racist sense" and should be changed to "black peoples" or "black communities".

Immigrants is said to have "racist overtones" because of its association with "immigration legislation", while developing nations - intended as a more sensitive replacement for Third World - is "prejudical" because it implies a comparison with developed countries.

Although not included on the Policy Press list, the BSA warns authors against using civilisation because of its "racist overtones that derive from a colonialist perception of the world".

"Able-bodied person" should be replaced with "non-disabled person", it is claimed.


So while the British police are out and about- hard on the hills of some dastardly doll displaying criminal, the following is over looked if not outright encouraged,

On Thursday evening this week, at a packed meeting in London's East
End, two profoundly dangerous men urged the destruction of the British way of
I was there as the radical cleric and self-styled sheikh Omar Bakri

Mohammed proclaimed that this country - where he received state
benefits for two decades - will soon be transformed into an Islamic
state, or Khilafah, run according to the rules of the Muslim holy book, the

Bakri's black-robed right-hand man went one step further. Anjem
Choudary, a 41-year-old militant and the leading light of a thriving new
organisation called islam4UK declared:
'There are already six or seven million Muslims here in

'By the year 2020, we will be the

By sheer numbers, Britain will become an
Islamic state.
'We will never need to conquer this country.
Our eyes are now on Downing Street,' he added, with an excited laugh.

He has described the 9/11 hijackers as the magnificent martyrs, and
said the Pope should be murdered for criticising aspects of Islamic extremism

Yet still nothing has been done to silence him.

The mosque has been visited by several Labour ministers and is
constantly cited as a model of moderation and religious tolerance.

And yet the Channel 4 footage showed that worshippers -
including babies, children and teenagers - are being told they must
lead separate lives from non-Muslims, and not befriend those from other
Undercover reporters found Christians being described as a 'vile,
disgusting, abomination'

The nature of some of these activities - and those in
Islamic centres across Britain - seems, however, to have passed the
New Labour government by.

Gordon Brown and Communities Minister Hazel
Blears welcomed Muslim worshippers from Regent's Park Mosque to a meeting in
Downing Street
to launch a huge Labour campaign to combat
Islamic extremism at grassroots level following the London bombings of 2005.

The official blurb accompanying the fund, published on a Whitehall
website, says the money will help Muslim women become role models, ambassadors
for Islam, and unlock their potential.

In Oldham, £20,000 has been given to help
imams speak English. In Birmingham, where £3million has been granted, local
councils have spent thousands on producing T- shirts proclaiming 'I love Islam'.


And then there is the recent phenomena of black on White knifings that have become part of London life.

And that in turn has led to native Brits fleeing the city in record numbers.

Is it any wonder people are fleeing London?

In a north London suburb last week, a schoolgirl was beaten, gang-raped and then had drain-cleaning fluid poured on her body apparently to destroy DNA evidence. In the eternal cesspit of senseless urban crime, I feel that a dreadful nadir of sorts has been reached, a benchmark of slaked lust and casual, sadistic cruelty.

Police sources say the 16-year-old will never fully recover from the injuries caused by the caustic soda and, at the time of writing, she remains under heavy sedation in a burns unit, fighting for her life.

I'm almost embarrassed to say that the attackers have been described as "five black youths", in case you think I'm being racist in highlighting this crime.

Trevor Phillips, the chairman of the Equality and Human Rights Commission, has pointed out that "white flight is accelerating" as Britain becomes increasingly polarised along ethnic lines.

Last year, nearly a quarter of a million decent, law-abiding citizens packed their bags and left the capital for good, seeking what they hope will be a better life elsewhere. They moved to outer boroughs, other city suburbs, rural areas, abroad, the back end of beyond, anywhere but here.

Elsewhere in London this week, a medical student was stabbed to death in a row over an orange in a Brixton fruit shop. A pupil who was expelled for allegedly having a knife took his school to the High Court. And about the time most of us were sitting down to dinner, watching The Bill on television or putting the children to bed, a teenage girl underwent an unimaginable ordeal in an ordinary suburban street.

What is going to happen to those of us left to live here if youths across the city continue to feel quite comfortable and confident in running amok? That's before you even factor in the older, more professional criminal gangs from more than 25 countries, who operate prosperous drug trafficking, people smuggling, prostitution, money laundering and fraud rackets on the capital's streets.

In conclusion, here is a comment by a poster at American Renaissance in reply to a sotry about British civilizational breakdown,
It is basically a racial thing. Just like American liberals, British liberals attacked the schools, police, council flat and HUD projects managers, probation officers etc if they dared to apply the laws to non white feral youth.

About 1965, the consensus of opinion by the Judges and other authorities was that enforcing laws against non white criminals, especially black criminals was somehow racist and discriminatory.

That is how the situation got out of hand. Excusing black crime meant excusing all crimes.

When I was about 13, just getting interested in boys, I read a romantic novel. The heroine’s grandmother gave her some advice
“Don’t listen to what a man says, look at what he does.” I apply that to cities and countries run by liberals.

Don’t listen to their grandiose ideas, look at the results. And in every city and country run by liberals what do we see?

Rampant crime, dangerous neighborhoods, terrible non functioning physically dangerous schools turning out generation after generation of illiterates, pot holed streets, disfunctional government agencies run by the same affirmative action non whites who destroyed the neighborhoods, housing stock and schools, large scale long term homelessness, a disfunctional health system on the verge of collapse.

In short, every liberal city and country, from Cuba to Britian to America’s large cities has been destroyed by liberals and their petted and beloved minorities.

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