Saturday, September 13, 2008

Thank God They Defeated Those "Evil" Nazis...

On Thursday evening this week, at a packed meeting in London's East
End, two profoundly dangerous men urged the destruction of the British way of
I was there as the radical cleric and self-styled sheikh Omar Bakri
Mohammed proclaimed that this country - where he received state
benefits for two decades - will soon be transformed into an Islamic
state, or Khilafah, run according to the rules of the Muslim holy book, the

Bakri's black-robed right-hand man went one step further. Anjem
Choudary, a 41-year-old militant and the leading light of a thriving new
organisation called islam4UK declared:
'There are already six or seven million Muslims here in

'By the year 2020, we will be the

By sheer numbers, Britain will become an
Islamic state.
'We will never need to conquer this country.
Our eyes are now on Downing Street,' he added, with an excited laugh.

He has described the 9/11 hijackers as the magnificent martyrs, and
said the Pope should be murdered for criticising aspects of Islamic extremism

Yet still nothing has been done to silence him.

The mosque has been visited by several Labour ministers and is
constantly cited as a model of moderation and religious tolerance.

And yet the Channel 4 footage showed that worshippers -
including babies, children and teenagers - are being told they must
lead separate lives from non-Muslims, and not befriend those from other
Undercover reporters found Christians being described as a 'vile,
disgusting, abomination'

The nature of some of these activities - and those in
Islamic centres across Britain - seems, however, to have passed the
New Labour government by.

Gordon Brown and Communities Minister Hazel
Blears welcomed Muslim worshippers from Regent's Park Mosque to a meeting in
Downing Street
to launch a huge Labour campaign to combat
Islamic extremism at grassroots level following the London bombings of 2005.

The official blurb accompanying the fund, published on a Whitehall
website, says the money will help Muslim women become role models, ambassadors
for Islam, and unlock their potential.

In Oldham, £20,000 has been given to help
imams speak English. In Birmingham, where £3million has been granted, local
councils have spent thousands on producing T- shirts proclaiming 'I love Islam'.

Sixty-three years ago Nazi Germany was defeated by an alliance led by Great Britain, the United States, and the Soviet Union.
Since then, one of those powers has collapsed completely, while the other two (as well as their other Western allies) have gone into a tailspin of debauchery, corruption and depravity.
They have seen their lands overrun by foreigners, their traditional institutions overturned, and their way of life destroyed.
We now live in a society of abortion, gay rights, epidemic levels of assault, rape and murder, school shootings, epidemic levels of STDs, broken homes, high divorce rates, epidemic levels of alcohol and drug abuse, violent street gangs, loss of freedom of speech, broken borders, random mass killings, crumbling infrastructure, etc...etc...etc....
But yeah. Thank God we defeated those "evil" Nazis in 1945.
Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness
for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for

-Isaiah 5:20