Friday, September 26, 2008

What Scenes May Come...

Cops made more than a dozen arrests and recovered 14 illegal firearms after Sunday’s African-American Day Parade in Harlem.

He said 16 people were arrested and charged with criminal possession of a weapon after 14 guns were recovered.

Seven other suspects were charged with assaulting police officers, and a total of 55 summonses were issued for disorderly conduct and alcohol- and marijuana-related crimes, Collins said.

Six people—including a 15-year-old girl—were wounded in four shootings in less than an hour near the parade route, cops said.

Shootings in the area, the 28th Precinct, are up 33% so far this year compared with the same period in 2007, with 10 more victims being shot, NYPD stats show. Over two years, shootings that resulted in injuries or death are up 86%, according to the statistics.

Ahhh, the possible scenarios...

1. Obama wins the election and blacks celebrate by burning down a few cities.

2. McCain wins the election and Mexicans celebrate by burning down a few cities.

3. Bush refuses to leave office, declaring himself dictator for life, and Israel celebrates by burning down a few Mideast nations.