Tuesday, September 9, 2008

You Might Be In A Third World Banana Republic If…

Your nation is racially "diverse".

Political candidates are sized up and approved by their political
correctness (i.e., must be black, Hispanic, female, etc..)

You have a one party system, manifested under the guise of two
branches, both of whom unambiguously front the exact same political

Your nation has no borders.

Your economy is based on debt growth.

Less than 50% of the people own their homes. (in America today, only around 2% own their homes)

Miscegenation is encouraged.

Your nation's population growth is out pacing its

Your nation has "Hate Crimes".

Your government openly spies on its citizens.

Your school curriculum is dumbed down and history re-written in order
to achieve “racial equality“.

Your government subsidizes military incursions into other nations in
the name of furthering the cause of _______________ (fill in the
blank…..brotherhood, revolution, democracy etc..)

Your government openly uses mercenaries to assist in occupying other

Your political candidates achieve cult like status amongst their
followers and are evaluated for their charisma rather than

You have a free market system in name only. (your government takes over
free market enterprises such as banks, investment firms, etc…

Your government, churches, corporations and media all espouse the same
general cultural/political goals and ideals, relentlessly suppressing all
dissent as “divisive”, "prejudiced", "racist", etc...

Partisanship is denounced.

There are calls for the media to propagate politically correct

Past sexual taboos are flaunted, while current scientific (racial)
taboos are suppressed and censored.

Your nation has an unending list of official minorities advocating for greater power and influence for their group.

Crimes by minorities against Whites are censored while fictional crimes
by Whites are presented as reality.