Friday, October 10, 2008

The Catastrophe That Isn't...

On October 10th 732 a.d. Charles Martel defeated an advancing army of Arab and Berber muslims from pushing further into Europe ( they had already swallowed up the Iberian peninsular), saving Western civilization from certain disaster.

Today, 1,276 years later, Europe is again faced with the prospect of being overwhelmed in a sea of aliens invading from every nation on earth.

The pretext?
Demographic decline.

It is said that Western nations are not reproducing enough people to sustain their numbers. This, in the face of overcrowded cities and towns from Amsterdam to London and a bloated European population of over 730 million people.

The truth is Europe is in desperate need of population decline.
The problem is that this needed reduction will cut into the profits of corporations the world over so their puppets in governments have decided to compensate by replacing native European peoples with third worlders.

It's a disastrous scenario that will soon bring Enoch Powell's vision to fruition.

The reality is, if a nation's population declines then that nation will simply adjust their economy accordingly.
The notion that "quality of life" is tied to population growth is absurd when you compare quality of life in Ireland (population of about 4 million) to the quality of life in, say, Pakistan (population of about 150 million).

And historically there is no precedent either.
Hundreds of years after Martel's victory at Tours, Europe was invaded by an even deadlier foe, The Black Death.
In a matter of a few years Europe's population was decimated, loosing as much as half of it's people. This was a catastrophe unseen by any other people before or since.


There was no call by Western leaders of the day to import 30 million immigrants from Africa or the middle east to replace the lost work force.

The only demographic catastrophe facing The West today is the race replacement policies put into practice by our corporate owned governments...