Monday, October 27, 2008

From Out Of 'Left', Left Field...

Every now and again you run across some editorial or commentary that is just so freaking bizarre you have to laugh.

Example provided by

The author states,
One of the greatest tools in perpetuating the myth of American exceptionalism is the deeply-held American belief that virtually all other countries on earth are filthy hell holes.

Ironically the only people who do this are neo-cons who are in fact lefties who are very much anti-nationalists.
To them, "America" is not a location, culture, people or physical reality. No, to them it is an ideology in competition for the hearts and minds of all people everywhere.

The State Department does its damnedest to keep up the bad press for other countries by issuing ludicrous "warnings" about traveling to other countries. These warning usually consist of descriptions about how country X is overrun by criminals, and that if you travel to country X, you'll be kidnapped. And so on.

Yeah, kind a like this.

And again, it is the lefties and the Christian charities that keep going to these countries and returning home with sad sob stories about how these poor wretched souls live and how it's understandable of people to want to come here.
And of course the Government isn't going to rebuke these "hell-hole" type of claims as cheap labor is in high demand by our Corporate overlords.
And the churches, likewise, are not about to encourage hispanics to stay at home in Mexico and out of their collection-plate-passing pews in America.
And certainly Mexico is not going to do anything to dispute it's image as a hellhole since it derives a rather large portion of its economy from the "pay checks" of migrant workers in the US.

In fact the only person complaining about Mexico's reputation is the guy writing the article at LewRockwell.

He continues,
American conservatives, and especially the Paleocon dupes who (in spite of their claims to the contrary) dutifully sing the praises of the American state every chance they get,

There are, what, about four or five palecons on earth? This guy must subscribe to each one of their newsletters.

Mexico is a common target of these ultra-nationalists, and apparently Fred Reed, my favorite ex-pat living in Mexico, finds these characterizations of Mexico to be about as idiotic as I do.

And I saw a guy on Fox News the other day describing how peaceful and wonderful life was in Baghdad right now.

So (in other words) the author postulates that the universe revolves around him (and possibly Fred Reed) and that his personal experience trumps actual crime statistics.

This would be akin to a healthy fifty year old man mocking concerns about cancer by assuring, "Look, I've never had it, so I can only assume it's mostly a myth."

If all one read of Mexico is what is written by right-wing Americans one would of course think that those lousy Mexicans must have no cities, or automobiles, or commerce, or even literacy.

Who wrote this?
What/which right wing sources?

Once more, it is THE LEFT that goes on and on about the deprived and depraved Mexicans, living in cardboard boxes and eating dog food, all because the greedy White-Devil capitalists in America stole the land after getting the natives hooked on fire water.

He fumbles on,

Mexico is no paradise of course, but as Reed notes:

I read Steve Sailer on Mexico and expect to wake up in the morning and find illiterate doctors curing people by sacrificing chickens. It ain’t so.
Of course it ain't.

In reality, however, Europeans emigrate to Latin America by the thousands because it is a nice place to retire...

No, in reality many Europeans are fleeing to White enclaves in the still majority White Latin American nations of Argentina and Uruguay to get away from the "enrichment" multiculturalism + ever escelating taxes (to pay for the social programs for the new arrivals) has brought them back home.

Reed goes on to note that much to everyone's surprise, it turns out that Mexico has book stores and universities, and schools where people learn calculus.

Again, Who?
Where does he find people claiming Mexico has no Universities or Book Stores?
Try, nowhere.

He is just projecting in that creepy way Marxists do, through which they try to re-write history.
He also mentions though,that the globalized-urban, middle-income part of Mexico lives side-by-side with the poor agrarian non-globalized side of Mexico:
From my bedroom window in the morning, I can see kids riding bareback into the mountains to care for goats. They don't go to school. This isn't governmental policy, but it's how things are.

In America of course, SWAT teams would descend on the homes of the parents of those goatherd children, knock out their teeth, and court-order them to send the children to government schools. It seems that Mexico's biggest problem is that the government can't seem to be bothered with nearly as much social engineering as the Americans demand.

Kind of like when the leftist Clinton Administration sent in swat teams to remove a kid from his family in a Miami home and send him back to be "re-educated" in Castro's Cuba?

Kinda like that?
And we all know how supportive Marxists are of home schooling don't we.

Mexico's other problem is that many Mexicans are allowed to live at subsistence level by adhering to their old Indian ways. The central problem in this case is that the Spanish government, and later the Mexican government, wasn't nearly as good at exterminating the indigenous populations as the Americans.

And this from a guy telling us not to generalize or stereotype!
It's true that the Spanish didn't kill all of the Indians. Just the men (the Spanish soldiers didn't bring Spanish women). Hence, the Mestizo.

And of course the White Devil went about "exterminating" all of the non-Whites, which is why today Whites make up a whopping 13% of the global population vs. the 87% non-Whites.

And I just love how the lefty nuts will, on the one hand, go on and on about how there is no such thing as race, how culture is migratory or how there is no such thing as a pure race and how peoples have been migrating back and forth since forever,.....YET, on the other hand, they can immediately (and with no hesitance) identify "indigenous (non-White) peoples" and talk of "their land" and "their culture".

But of course his entire point is rendered moot by one overarching fact.

If Mexico is the enriching wonderland he suggests, then why the f**k are millions of Mexicans fleeing it?