Monday, October 6, 2008

What Diversity Does To Research, History, Science And Scholarship...

The Cal State Long Beach academic senate finalized a document disassociating the senate from the works of professor Kevin MacDonald on Thursday.

The senate voted on the document to disassociate the senate from MacDonald’s work. MacDonald, a professor of psychology, has published written works that have been called racist and anti-Semitic. The psychology department and the university have already published documents that disassociate them from MacDonald’s work.

“While the academic denate defends Dr. Kevin MacDonald’s academic freedom and freedom of speech, as it does for all faculty, it firmly and unequivocally condemns and disassociates itself from the anti-Semitic and white ethnocentric views he has expressed.”

MacDonald responded to the passing of the document by saying via email that, “I am glad that they simply dissociated themselves rather than condemned me. As I’ve said many times on faculty forums at CSULB, everyone has ethnic interests. This is an absolutely respectable scientific proposal. European Americans are the only group whose ethnic interests have been pathologized. No one disputes that Koreans, say, have ethnic interests and have a right to keep Korea Korean. Quite a few of the people who voted to censure me are ethnic activists on behalf of their ethnic group. The College of Liberal Arts is full of these people. Yet only I am censured.”


"Anti-Semitic and White ethnocentric views".

Two in one.

Prof. MacDonald has adequately evidenced research on Jewish activists anti-White jihad over the past century.
He has explained it as evolutionary group survival strategy.
The reaction of the CSLB senate only further confirms what his research posits.

It is no coincidence that 'anti-Semitic and White ethnocentrism' are placed together in the above statement.
As Prof. MacDonald wrote in his book 'Culture of Critique' several years ago,

"The material in the previous four chapters indicates that individuals who strongly identified as Jews have been the main motivating force behind several highly influential intellectual movements that have simultaneously subjected gentile culture to radical criticism and allowed for the continuity of Jewish identification. Together these movements comprise the intellectual and politi-cal left in this century, and they are the direct intellectual ancestors of current leftist intellectual and political movements, particularly postmodernism and multiculturalism.


The originators of these movements were all vitally concerned with anti-Semitism, and all of the utopias envisioned by these intellectual and political movements would end anti-Semitism while allowing for Jewish group conti-nuity. A generation of Jewish radicals looked to the Soviet Union as an idyllic place where Jews could rise to positions of preeminence and where anti-Semitism was officially outlawed while Jewish national life flourished. The psychoanalytic movement and the Frankfurt School looked forward to the day when gentiles would be inoculated against anti-Semitism by a clinical priest-hood that could heal the personal inadequacies and the frustrations at loss of status that gentiles murderously projected onto the Jews. And the Boasians and the Frankfurt School and their descendants would prevent the develop-ment of anti-Semitic ideologies of majoritarian ethnocentrism.
Jewish interests are also served by facilitating radical individualism (social atomization) among gentiles while retaining a powerful sense of group cohe-sion among Jews—the agenda of the Frankfurt School. Gentile group identifi-cations are regarded as an indication of psychopathology.

"Diversity" once again proves it is an intrinsic enemy of research, science and deduction...