Thursday, November 13, 2008

And The Rain Fell And The Winds Roared...

At that stage, some 1,800 white Afrikaans-speaking rural dwellers had reportedly been slain on commercial farms and on agricultural smallholdings alike and many raped—often in attacks by large groups of black-African men which—as was pointed out by Dr Gregory Stanton of Genocide Watch in 2003—carried out these attacks in an extremely violent fashion accompanied by a high level of unnecessary cruelty, torture and always accompanied by rape and humiliation of the victims. Since the publication of that report in 2003, the death toll of whites on farms and smallholdings in South Africa has risen to 3,008 people up to Nov 7 2008, our archives show.

While white South Africans now represent only 7,5 percent of the entire SA population, this highly visible minority group’s ‘unnatural death rates’ represent 10% of the SA population—and even though the white ‘braindrain’ out of South Africa is still occurring—these killings and accompanying increases in public hate-speech by local-level leaders of the ruling tricameral parties, the African National Congress, the SA Communist Party and Cosatu trade union movement—also show an alarming increase over the past year.

Over the past year, there has however been a new development in this regard—with the rural so-named ‘farm attacks’ now also spreading into the towns and cities, especially in those suburbs around Afrikaans-churches where most Afrikaners are apt to live.

These attacks, carried out in identical modus operandii, are now carried out at the rate of 40 attacks a day, targetting families inside their homes; and all showing one specific hallmark: the killers often arrive, ask for the homeowner or land-owner by name, and shoot him/her dead execution-style.

Very little of value is stolen, similar to these events seen in the ‘farm-murders’.

Ethnic cleansing of Afrikaner names from the entire South African map:

The past year has also seen an accompanying and in my view, very dramatic increase in the public hate-speech utterances targetting specifically whites, (“Boers” as they are cursed by black South Africans.)

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Five words that precede tragedy.....It could never happen here.