Thursday, November 6, 2008

The Cocoon People...

The Day After, The Day-After and some people seem to be emerging from their respective cocoons to discover, for the first time in their lives, that America is gone.
I don't know where these people have been for the past 45 years, but never-the-less, some of them have finally had the rose tinted shades removed and are discovering that they aren't strolling around Mayberry anymore.

Of course some are still in denial, while others are too shocked to process what just happened.
Many of these dim witted ostriches are (apparently) asking themselves, "how could a far left-radical-open borders-avowed Marxist lose to Barak Obama?"

Take this shiny marble for example,

The sense of betrayal I feel at this time from my fellow citizens is beyond comprehension, let alone description. I had assumed not more than 35 percent of our fellow citizens would vote for an eloquent socialist gasbag with an empty resume, a carefully sanitized past and a massive wealth redistribution plan.

The first few hours outside of the cocoon are always a little frightening.

Seriously, what would this guy be saying now if McCain had won?
After his "fellow citizens" nominated one of the most liberal Republicans of the modern era (a guy who has yet to take that final, yet inevitable, step of having his lips permanently sown to Ted Kennedy's ass) to run against the most liberal Democrat of the modern era, what did he expect them to do on election day?

It is no coincidence that the most radical, anti-American politician to ever be elected to the office of President of the United States, just happens to be non-White. Pushed over the top in the election by the ever increasing numbers of, yep, non-Whites.

The next revelation in store for the cocoon people is that non-Whites are different. Really, really different!
They do not share White peoples love of democracy, independence, patriotism, family values, rugged individualism etc..

And if the cocoon people still reject this now, just give em four years.
For you see this is the other little fact about non-Whites that Whites in America are about to discover......They absolutely adore and worship demagogues.

And what that means is that four years from now those cocoon people who have not fully embraced the daylight, are in for an even greater shock when, after four years of the most incompetent, destructive and abusive administration in American history, the blossoming non-White majority put Obama over the top in the 2012 elections for another four years of gross incompetence and abusive -anti Constitutional- leadership.

If you can honestly say that after decades of Media, Academia, Church and Political drift to the far, Far-Cultural left that you are "shocked" at The Man With No Middle Name's election, then you might want to invest in a few dozen pairs of shock absorbers.....cause you ain't seen nothing yet!