Saturday, November 22, 2008

'Culture Is Gene Expression'...

This is a nice paper on European population structure with a large number of SNPs, which comes at the heels of some earlier studies...

It is clear that some nations appear to be distinct. For example, most test Spaniards (94.5%) are correctly guessed as Spaniards, with some (5.5%) guessed as French. Of course, this distinctiveness would be reduced if further populations (e.g. the Portuguese) were added to the analysis. More strongly, 99.1% of Norwegians are guessed correctly as Norwegians. is now possible to identify particular ethnic groups, e.g., Norwegians, with great accuracy from DNA.

And the distinction is even more pronounced when extended beyond ethnic groupings and into racial groupings.
On July 16, 2002, a survey crew from the Department of Transportation found Pam Kinamore's nude, decomposing body in the area along the banks of the Mississippi known as Whiskey Bay, just west of Baton Rouge. The police tested the DNA and quickly realized that they were dealing with a serial killer...

In early March, 2003, investigators turned to Tony Frudakis, a molecular biologist who said he could determine the killer's race by analyzing his DNA. They were unsure about the science, so, before giving him the go-ahead, the task force sent Frudakis DNA swabs taken from 20 people whose race they knew and asked him to determine their races through blind testing. He nailed every single one.

DNAWitness, the test Frudakis applied in the Baton Rouge case, uses a set of 176 genetic markers selected precisely because they disclose the most information about physical characteristics. Some are found primarily in people of African heritage, while others are found mainly in people of Indo-European, Native American or South Asian heritage.

No one sequence alone can predict ancestral origin. However, by looking collectively at hundreds and analyzing the frequency of the various markers, Frudakis says he could predict genetic ancestry with 99 percent accuracy.
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Still, some people will not except these facts because they contradict their own personal dogmatic belief structures.

As a poster at Dienekes' states,
The more that I read and listen to the advocates of the social construct theory of race the more they seem like left-wing versions of creationists who just can't accept the scientific evidence because it disagrees with their personal views.

And over at, the theme runes similar,

The writer is 100% correct that a society is a reflection of the people in it. I've said the same myself. If you get Africans to flee to Europe then their behaviour in Europe is the same as it was in Africa. People do not change. If you leave blacks to dominate enough, you will see America and Europe slowly being transformed into Third World countries and later into copies of African states. People who are losers, take their loser habits with them in the same way that people who are successes, also become successes when they move to another country. If a society or a country or a continent is a mess, it is not the fault of the land or the geography, it is the fault of the people. It is that simple. Africa should actually be the richest continent on Earth but its the people who live in Africa who have turned it into a living hell. And it will probably stay that way. Jan]

"There's this hilarious disconnect in the sheeple brain, where they
have been progressively brainwashed over a forty year period into
believing that once they have committed suicide themselves, an
identical civilization will be left behind except with a different
demographic makeup. They will yank the white tablecloth out from under
the dinnerware and the society will remain standing, only
melanin-enriched but otherwise the same.

It's like white people all over the planet were each taking turns
shooting themselves in the head with the same gun, convinced when they
have all killed themselves they will leave the perfect society behind.
I've got bad news for you. What you think of as civilization is joined
at the hip with the Indo-European gene pool. It's not even like oil
and water because it's all an unbroken continuum.

Culture is gene expression. If enough Mexicans inhabit any area on the
planet, that area will look exactly like Mexico in short order.