Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Things To Be Thankful For On Thanksgiving...

....not living in Shelbyville Kentucky.

Mexican gangs now infiltrating Kentucky; Shelbyville fears violence in the future

a new wave of illegal immigrants has been arriving in recent years, and law enforcement agencies say many of these undocumented citizens are bringing with them drugs, gangs and violent crime.

llegal immigrants arrive in Kentuckiana daily.

Shelbyville looks like most small towns in Middle America.
A quaint downtown, a thriving farm community, and in general a good quality of life.

Shane Suttor is a Shelbyville city councilman. Sutter says a growing number of illegal aliens aren’t here to share in the quality of life, but to threaten it.

Police tell us that the Latin Kings, Surenos and MS-13 gangs, all with ties to the Mexican Mafia are operating criminal enterprises in Kentucky. Cells have been identified in Shelbyville, Louisville and Lexington. A narcotics officer told us some illegals have wired 15000 dollars a week for months to cartels in Mexico.

Shane Sutter said, “We don’t have a swat team. We don’t have a gang task force. We’re just a small town.”

Suttor says it’s a small town preparing for a siege.

The latest report by the National Drug Intelligence Center reports drug cartel activity involving the Federation Cartel in Louisville and the rival Gulf Coast Cartel in Lexington.

Authorities fear violence in the future as these two groups begin to fight over territory here in Kentucky.


And if our Congress and President get their way, these people (along with the 30 to 40 million other illegals in the country) will be given Amnesty.
And with that will come Chain Migration which means Mexico will unofficially be merged with America.

Welcome to third world America Kentucky....