Friday, December 12, 2008

Is The Government Really Concerned About Further Layoffs?...

I think not,

A bloody civil war rages in Mexico with over 5,000 killed so far in 2008, including many Americans and just this week, the major newspapers in America finally told the public about it. With little fanfare or press coverage, Canada has descended into a dictatorship as Prime Minister Stephen Harper has used an obscure provision to shut down the Canadian Parliament, to avoid the equivalent of impeachment, two months after he was elected.

France, Spain, Italy, and now Greece are being rocked by riots that involve illegal aliens, now dubbed "immigrants" by the western media or "guest workers" by the governments like France that put their illegal aliens on their version of the McCain, Obama, Bush "path to citizenship" plan.

Homeland Security Chief Michael Chertoff has been hiring illegal aliens through a firm to clean his house. Even though the Secret Service says they ran security background checks on all the employees, the illegal aliens passed with flying colors.

Meanwhile, over at the White House, dictator Bush the "decider" of which laws he will or will not enforce signs an Executive Order in the middle of the night that will opening the flood gates on farm worker H2A visas.

Now, the Constitution says that the Congress is supposed to set our immigration laws, but don't mind that. Congress was not consulted or asked to approve these drastic changes to bring a flood of new 'guest worker' immigrants into America. Congress will be asked to rubber stamp it later because big Globalist corporations have already decided for us how it going to be and the horse and pony pretend we're a Democracy show over in Congress can legitimize what is already being done later, or not.

Right now, the Congress is busy passing highly unpopular bailout bills to put every American and future generations so far into debt, that we will all be taxed like slaves in an iron fist, to pay and pay with little in return. The Federal Reserve and White House have already committed most of these funds, they just want Congress to rubber stamp the billion dollar corporate looter giveaways to the illusion America is still America and continue a bit longer.

For the last four years, ALIPAC has reported that LEGAL immigration levels are at historic highs near 1.6 million per year. That level is more than any other nation on earth and more than most other nations on the earth combined!

At these levels, legal immigration and illegal immigration has created the largest short term movement of people on the globe in human history, predominantly from Central and South America, into the US.

So imagine our shock when we spotted the following information in the Dobbs report.

"It's not clear how many guest workers were admitted to the U.S. last year, but the State Department issued roughly two million guestworker visas in fiscal year 2008"

Two million? Two million! Two million!?!?!?!

Someone correct me if I'm wrong, or immediately medicate and institutionalize me, if I'm imagining things but does this mean that legal immigration levels have been expanded to over 2 million, without Congressional approval or any significant discussion in the American media or the knowledge of our citizenry? Do these numbers include the almost 1 million permanent resident green cards given out annually as well?

...the first of about 5,300 ethnic Nepalese refugees from the tiny south Asian country of Bhutan who this year started leaving refugee camps to resettle in the United States. The U.S. has agreed to take in 60,000 of them.

Unlike other, high-profile refugee groups such as Iraqis and Burmese, the ethnic Nepalese have gone largely unnoticed. Since there are no Bhutanese communities in the United States, most are being resettled near cities like Pittsburgh, where housing is affordable and officials hope diverse populations will reinvigorate urban areas hurt by deindustrialization.

Charitable organizations responsible for resettlement get the families apartments, food, Social Security cards and English classes, and help them find jobs.