Sunday, December 21, 2008

Just One Month To Go...

...till the man with no middle name ascends the Cherry Blossom Throne.

The book in his hand is titled, 'The Post-American World' by muslim author Fareed Zakaria.
In the years to come we will look back and ask who it was that was responsible for the election of the first non-White to the Presidency of the rapidly declining United States of America.
Below is a quick overview...

#1. The Media: For demonizing Whites while deifying savages.

#2. Corporate America: For convincing middle-class Americans that it was in their vested interests to be economically, culturally and even physically displaced by cheap foreign labor -AKA savages-.

#3. The Government Itself: For making Freedom of Association a crime through desegregation of schools, neighborhoods, businesses etc...For opening the flood gates to third world infestation. And for such national economically destructive policies as Affirmative Actions, Race Quotas and, most currently, minority housing loans.

#4. Public School System: For pursuing a policy of dumbing down curriculum so that non-Whites can achieve "official" equality with Whites.

#5. (last but not least) Christianity: Obama and the coming third world Caliphate in America have had no greater champion than Christianity. No other collectivist organization has worked so tirelessly to demonize Western Civilization and glorify everything else. From the Battle of Thermopylae to the landing on Plymouth Rock, Christians have attacked, as racist and ungodly, every single moment of the White Man's history. They have aided in the flooding of Western nations with non-Westerners through immigration and refugee programs....openly encouraged Whites to miscegenate themselves out of existence through intermarriage.....demonized any attempt to celebrate and/or sustain Western Civilization as racist (even as they have deified the Jews and made a golden cafe of Israel).....and specifically in an unending vitriol against American history and her forebearers who, frustratingly for the Christian, were all White.