Saturday, December 13, 2008

Must Be Nice...

But these clients of Bernard L. Madoff had this in common: They chose him to oversee much of their personal wealth.

And now, they fear, they have lost it.

While Mr. Madoff is facing federal criminal charges, accused by federal prosecutors of operating a vast $50 billion Ponzi scheme, many of his clients are facing an abrupt reversal of fortune that is the stuff of nightmares.

“There are people who were very, very well off a few days ago who are now virtually destitute,” said Brad Friedman, a lawyer with the Milberg firm in Manhattan. “They have nothing left but their apartments or homes — which they are going to have to sell to get money to live on.”

The news was equally devastating for the Robert I. Lappin Charitable Foundation in Salem, Mass., which works to reverse the dilution of Jewish identity through intermarriage and assimilation by sending teenagers to Israel and supporting other Jewish education efforts.

The foundation was forced on Friday to dismiss its small staff and shut down its programs to cope with its losses in the Madoff funds, according to Deborah Coltin, its executive director.

“We’ve canceled everything as of today, everything,” she said tearfully.
-The New York Times

Whites, as in people of indigenous European ancestry, currently make up only 13% of the world's population but are not permitted such privileges as openly working to prevent their racial dilution and cultural dispossession.
In fact any such move on the part of Whites would be dramatically denounced by the very same New York Times that above writes sympathetically of such activism on the part of Jews.

The hypocrisy is as astounding as it is unabashed.

But it is hardly anything new...