Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The Reason For The Season...

Tis the season for a slice of life in lands strongly devoted to Jesus.

In overwhelmingly Christian South Africa comes this report,

A total of 1722 people were assaulted in KwaZulu-Natal and 111 people sustained gunshot wounds over the first 18 days of December, the provincial health department said.

Another 493 people had been stabbed, and 282 raped (49 being child victims).

Provincial health MEC Neliswa Peggy Nkonyeni said she was extremely concerned about these figures, which had been incurred over the festive season.

"These statistics indicate a violent society that continues to violate women and girls. The department also notes with concern the role of alcohol and drugs in promoting these unsocial behaviours."

And from overwhelmingly Christian Mexico,

Police found the beheaded and tortured bodies tied up in the city of Chilpancingo, about an hour north of Acapulco, during the weekend.

The heads were stuffed in a black plastic bag and tossed outside a shopping center with a note saying, "For every one of us you kill, we are going to kill 10," Mexican media reported.

An ex-police commander, also without a head, was found with the soldiers.

....violence in Mexico has worsened. More than 5,300 people have died this year, over twice as many as in 2007...

The above nations, I hear, are just two of the new epicenters of modern Christendom...

I keep reading about how the third-world is the new center of God's celestial activities on earth but yet I can't get past the fact that Christianity was already widespread in Africa and Asia before it infested much of Europe.
Christianity has been a major (if not majority in some places) religion in Africa and the middle-east for the past two thousand years.

How's that working out for them over there?

Christianity has been the majority religion in Latin America since before the United States existed.

How's that working out for them down there?

Haiti has been an independently black-ruled -Christian Majority- nation for two hundred years.

How's that working out or them?

On the other hand Asian nations with Christian minorities such as Japan, China, South Korea, Taiwan etc.. have a higher standard of living than majority-Christian African nations. And widespread causal crime is much lower in minority-Christian east-Asia than in majority-Christian Latin America.

Christianity (as with all other religions) has zero positive effect on the societies it inhabits. Genetics, not faith, steer the course (and fates) of nations.

Christianity has had a negative effect on The West of late as it has enabled the civilizational suicidal tendencies of many Westerners (aka White people) through the nihilistic belief in "equality" to allow and encourage massive non-White migration into The West.

Along these same line I often read about the demographic catastrophe taking place in post-Christian Europe, where the native population is declining numerically.

But why is this a problem?

Europe's population, like the rest of the world is TOO HIGH. WAY TOO HIGH!
For whatever reasons (perhaps natural instincts) the peoples of Europe have been having fewer children. A phenomena that would, in time, lead to a more balanced, reasonable and sustainable population.
A population that would place less strain on the environment and resources.

A natural ebb and flow was in the process of re-making order out of increasing chaos.

However, the population decline there is only a problem now because profit hungry corporations have encouraged Socialist Agenda driven Governments to import tens of millions of foreigners to keep production up and profits for Europe's oligarchy high.

The same is true in America, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Formally White ruled nations such as Rhodesia and South Africa have turned into full fledged hell-zones.

As for the "War on Christmas"...

First, I find it interesting that twenty years ago the religious were attacking the crass and crude marketing that is modern Christmas as being adrift of its true purpose.
Now those very same people are defending that crass and crude marketing as the very symbol of Christmas's true purpose and attacking those who would neglect the symbols of that "soulless commercialism".

Second, the real reason for the "war on Christmas" is not due to its religious nature, but its racial nature. (thus 99.99999% of those decrying it are White)
The Christmas tree, the Yule log, the Mistletoe and so on, are all symbols and customs from Northern (Pagan) Europe.
(Who else but people indigenous to wintry Northern Europe would be 'dreaming of a White Christmas')

Christianity has its genesis in the orient but much of its worldview (as well as its developed outward customs) was informed by pre-existing European (Pagan) morality and culture.
Remember that the New Testament writers were living in a Hellenized area and time, dominated by the Roman Empire.

As society has become more anti-White of late, Christians have filtered through Christian doctrine to find its most oriental aspects and focus on them exclusively.
This process was exacerbated by those (motivated through evolutionary mechanics) who seek to despoil Whites of their Civilization, and new exactly which buttons to push.
But that was inevitable.
The Bible's narrative is so broad that one can write whatever doctrine they choose upon its wordy content.
It makes a golden calf out of one tribe while categorizing all the rest as a monolithic, non-specific, mass known as "gentiles".

Any text which claims to take itself so seriously yet is full of so much hypocrisy and philosophical contradictions is bound to lead to madness.

I would add though, that Christianity is no more (singularly) responsible for the demise of The West than it is responsible for the rise of The West.

But it has played its part...

To be clear, this is not an apologetic for Paganism as all religious figures (real or mythical) are, or become, Collective Archetypes which reflect the people who invest in their creation.

The danger always posed by Christianity is that it has as its central figure a man who desired to be attacked, abused and painfully murdered for the "sins of the world".
Put bluntly, Jesus (as he is portrayed in the story) committed suicide.
According to the story he entered the world in order to die. And, being the son of God, could have called down ten thousand angels to protect him at any moment.
He didn't.

For him, debasement, abuse and suicide represented an exalted state of self-glory.

His (the crucified messiah) is an image which very much appeals to the ego of modern Christianized White man.
It's called a Martyr Complex.

And Christian Whites, though they may pay preach "judge the individual" to the world, very much view the White race collectively. And it is a race that they long to see bleeding to death upon a global crucifix....