Monday, December 15, 2008

When Everybody Is Roman No One Is Roman....

It seems the left-wing liberal Colin Powell has dissed the slightly less left-wing liberal Rush Limbaugh at just about the same time as Juan McCain said he wouldn't support his former running mate (Sarah Palin) in a bid for the White House in 2012 (should America still exist at that time) due, presumably, to her limited appeal to non-White voters.

Here is a transcript of "Limbaugh's Lament". Note the picture of him at the top of that page. All that's missing is a gold chain and a hooker on either shoulder to complete the Country Club Megalomania mystique.

Limbaugh (as well as McCain) is one of the high priests of the cult known as American Exceptionalism. If you are unfamiliar with the phrase, you'll at least recognize it's definition.
Essentially, it is the general belief amongst the declining demographic known as White American Patriots that everybody on planet Earth not only wants to be a White American Patriot, but can and should become White American Patriots.

This is the self delusional philosophy that the average (non-elite) White American conservative clings to in order to justify Imperial America's foreign military adventurism. And also to convince themselves that the massive human migration currently flooding America will end with Jamal, Ping, Pedro and Abdullah all speaking colloquial American English, loving John Wayne films and voting Republican every four years.

As you might expect, they are completely insane.
Of all the hypocrisies in the world, theirs is uniquely obtuse in that they believe that everyone, everywhere, should voluntarily conform to an obligatory creed of self-reliant independence and rugged individuality.
They believe that only fools or terrorists wouldn't aspire to be exactly like them.
Their most profound conviction is that people with convictions are obstacles to the state funded and government regulated consumeristic lifestyle that props up the self-worshiping ideology of Individualism that they believe is inherent to all living beings.

In other words, American Exceptionalism is the Intellectual placebo that White Americans take to rid themselves of that gnawing feeling that there may be both short term and long term consequences to having junked their own people's long-fought-for civilization by rejecting their natural tribal tendencies.

This can be seen in Limbaugh's rambling rhetoric.

He says,
General Powell says we need to reach out to Hispanic, blacks, and Asians. Well, how do we do that? What kind of message does he suggest? I never hear the how to do it. I just hear we need to do it. And in my mind, we already have the blueprint for how to do it. We have done it successfully. We abandoned the blueprint. It's called individual freedom, liberty, and not seeing them as Hispanics and not seeing them as Asians and not seeing them as blacks or minorities but rather seeing them as Americans, human beings.

Limbaugh just can't bring himself to acknowledge that when he proclaims his rejection of racial identity politics he is in fact engaging in racial identity politics since only White people reject racial identity politics.

This is why he went after Powell for voting for Obama,
I know what really has Colin Powell upset, it's because I said his endorsement of Obama was about race, and I'm not supposed to say those things. These things are supposed to go unsaid.

Limbaugh is lamenting Powell's refusal to be as disloyal to his people as Limbaugh is to Whites.

Racially agnostic Whites (those who generally prefer not to actively believe in the existence of race) are often flabbergasted to find that non-Whites refuse to share in their preferred disbelief.
Having vested a lot of emotional energy into projecting their own personalities, temperament and morality onto non-Whites, racial agnostics (as well as racial atheists) find themselves confused and often "betrayed" by people who, ironically, never considered them comrades to begin with.

This is the obvious outcome of basing basic national or group identity on a broad based ideology rather than biology (race). In the "America is an Idea" camp there will never be a consensus on what America is, let alone what, if anything, makes it exceptional.
For some people what makes America great is its seeming willingness to commit passive genocide against the people through (and for) whom it came into being in the first place.

Ultimately American Exceptionalism suffers the same Achilles Heel as Christianity.
In attempting to construct a creed-based group identity in a cosmopolitan era, it finds itself defined out of existence through the impracticality of its own universal applications.

Put another way, when everybody is Roman, no one is Roman...