Monday, December 8, 2008

Racially Celibate...

Many wild rumors have circulated about Barack Obama, such as

And finally, the most popular and yet most self-evidently implausible rumor of all, assiduously promoted by Obama’s media handler David Axelrod:

  • that Obama refuses to be defined by his race, that he transcends race, that he’s not interested in race, blah blah.

What do all these assertions have in common?

First, they betray a lack of awareness of the facts of Obama’s life.

Second, they tend to reflect the widespread desire among whites of all political stripes to not think about race anymore, and to imagine that Obama doesn’t either.

In truth, the big secret about Obama is that there’s no secret: as Obama explains at vast length in his memoir, what he himself calls his “racial obsessions” have dominated his life.

I document in my new book America’s Half-Blood Prince (which you can purchase here) how the President-Elect spelled out exactly what he considered the central mandates of his existence in the subtitle of Dreams From My Father. To Obama, his autobiography is most definitely not a postracial parable. Instead, it is (as he helpfully says in his subtitle) A Story of Race and Inheritance .

-more on this from Steve Sailer here

As has been said before, the White liberal has no non-White counterpart.
And neither does the 'American Exceptionalist' (who, despite the philosophy, is always White).

Race is as important to human beings as food, air and sex.
Always has been, always will be.
It is in our nature and vested interest to pass along our genes which form a thread connecting us both to our ancestors as well as our descendants. And those genes are carried not just by us directly, but by our family and tribe/community at large. Tribes and communities that are defined by their distinctiveness.

When a member of a community (forged over countless ages through trials and tribulations in the bellows of evolution) mates with someone fundamentally different (another race) then that thread that connects the generations is broken forever.
To mix the races is to destroy the races.
Our ancestors understood this, which is why they preserved not only their racial heritage (which was tens of thousands of years in the making) but their unique ethnic heritages as well.
And this preservation required no written code or creed to adhere to, as it was natural.
It was an order upheld by the same inherent inclination as quenching thirst with drink or hunger with food.

It takes a downright religious fundamentalism to deny your own nature and hardwired identity.

Unfortunately today many White people make a concentrated effort to deny an essential part of their natural selves and are thus much like the self-righteous zealots of old. Only instead of sex, they believe that if they deny themselves any and all thoughts of their racialness, then they are more pure and holy than the other racially-pagan-Whites who revel in their genetic naturalness.

And like those zealous celibates of old, the New Order seeks not only to deny their own nature, but to suppress any expression of racialness amongst the White population at large.

Note: As is to be expected from the self-righteous, hypocrisy can run quite high in the ranks of Racial Celibates. Two examples being,
1. Not expecting non-Whites to be racially celibate.
2. Large "racial orgies" amongst the self proclaimed racially celibate High Priests when it comes to where they live, learn and recreate.