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Church And State in Perfect Harmony...

The day before the president arrived in Elkhart, Culp spent an hour and a half crafting his prayer, roughly a minute and 20 seconds long, before calling an aide from the White House Office of Public Liaison to recite it for vetting, as the administration requested. "She said that it was beautiful and that there shouldn't be a problem with it but that she would call in the morning if there was," Culp recalls.

The White House had no revisions for the prayer, which opened with the line: "Dear Heavenly Father, we come to you this day thanking you for who you are—a God that cares about each of our needs, our desires, and our fears." Culp delivered it the following day at Obama's town hall meeting, landing a handshake from the president and mentions in several local papers.

A once-in-a-lifetime experience for Culp has become routine for President Obama: In a departure from previous presidents, his public rallies are opening with invocations that have been commissioned and vetted by the White House.

During Obama's recent visit to Fort Myers, Fla., to promote his economic stimulus plan, a black Baptist preacher delivered a prayer that carefully avoided mentioning Jesus, lest he offend anyone in the audience. And at Obama's appearance last week near Phoenix to unveil his mortgage bailout plan, an administrator for the Tohono O'odham Nation delivered the prayer, taking the unusual step of writing it down so he could E-mail it to the White House for vetting. American Indian prayers are typically improvised.

Though invocations have long been commonplace at presidential inaugurations and certain events like graduations or religious services at which presidents are guests, the practice of commissioning and vetting prayers for presidential rallies is unprecedented in modern history, according to religion and politics experts.

The Obama White House declined to comment about the program, other than to say that it has "been standard since the campaign," according to spokeswoman Jen Psaki. So far, the names of those delivering invocations have appeared on the official presidential schedules that the White House distributes to the press. Culp is described in a press schedule as "a well-respected faith leader in the community."


I highlighted and enlarged that last paragraph above because of its significance in relation to a certain event held not to long ago....that being the inauguration.

What the above means is that the Administration approved of an openly racist remark against Whites that was spoken at a public event which was a part of an official government function.

If that doesn't speak volumes as to the mindset of the current regime (and how it will affect their economic and judicial policies in regards to America's -read, White- society), nothing will.

Not surprising though.

The actions of the first President of the Banana Republic of America are consistent with every other black leader across the world, up to, and including, bankrupting and destroying the nations they've come to power in.


A Conversation About Race...


Some interesting stuff on these videos....


You Win Again, Gravity!...

From America's future...aka California,

..40,000 families are applying for just 350 affordable-housing vouchers. Church-operated pantries are running out of food. Crisis calls have more than doubled in the city of Antioch, where the Family Stress Center occupies the site of a former bank.

...forcing thousands of previously middle-income workers to seek social services, overwhelming local agencies, clinics and nonprofits. Each month 16,000 people, including many who were making $60,000 to $100,000 annually just a few years ago, fill four county offices requesting financial, medical or food assistance.

“Unless we do things differently, not only will we continue to be on life support, but the power to the machine is going to die,” said county Supervisor Federal Glover, who represents Antioch and the cities of Pittsburg and Oakley about 50 miles (80 kilometers) east of San Francisco.

Contra Costa, an East Bay suburban region of more than 1 million, turned thousands of farmland acres into housing in the past two decades, becoming an affordable alternative to San Francisco. Now, the area is being hit by a double whammy, as rising unemployment increases demand for social services, while plunging home values shrink tax revenue and squeeze agency budgets.

County officials made $90 million in cuts during the current fiscal year, and plan to reduce another $56 million, out of a $1.2 billion general-fund budget, in the coming year. County administrator David Twa said he doesn’t expect to see a “gradual recovery” in property taxes until 2012 or 2013.

Safety Net

The social safety net is being stretched “all over the country,” said Jacqueline Byers, research director for the National Association of Counties in Washington. “The formerly middle class who lost jobs, homes, or both suddenly are requesting assistance for the first time.” Nationwide, demand for food stamps, one of the first benefits that new applicants for services qualify for, has mushroomed since the recession began in December 2007. About 31.1 million people received food stamps in November....


The Third World is not a condition but a civilization.
Bringing tens of millions of thirdworlders into The West will not result in them "rising above" the third world because they are the third world in thought and blood.

It's a genetic construct, not a social one.

At one time California was majority White. Now it is only about 35% White, if that. And as the Whites have fled so have the standards of living.

There are those who still jump and down and insist "equality" must be achieved. But the truth is that there is no such thing as equality on any level or in any circumstance or form what-so-ever.

Nature has made it so.

Trying to help non-Whites rise to the level of White civilization is unnatural. It's like insisting all creatures are equal and attempting to prove it by trying to teach a garden slug how to fly by throwing it off a cliff.

Nature is the gravity of social engineers. They can fight against it (and even deny it's existence) till they're blue in the face, yet nature always prevails in the end....


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Sinners In The Hands Of An Angry Mob...

(photo of Gail Trimble)

Two different women hit the headlines this weekend. Jade Goody, who made a fortune from her ignorance, and Gail Trimble, the University Challenge genius vilified for being so intelligent. How have our values become so distorted?

Back in 1980, Fred Housego, the London cabbie with one O-level, won Mastermind in a glittering performance which captivated the nation. With his mastery of specialist subjects such as Henry II, Westminster Abbey and the Tower of London, he became a media darling.

He got his own radio show, spoke at Oxford and Cambridge University, and appeared on This Is Your Life.

Almost 30 years on, the qualifications to become one of Britain's heroes have changed a little. The nation is now captivated by the impending death of a young woman famous only for being famous, and her wedding to a violent ex-con.

Jade Goody has been given £1million for exclusive photographs of the ceremony and has had her £315,000 wedding paid for by well-wishers. Complete strangers have wept for her and queued to bring presents to the doors of the gated estate where she exchanged vows.

Meanwhile, today's Fred Housego - Gail Trimble, the girl with the planet-sized brain who scored 825 of the 1,235 points amassed by Corpus Christi, Oxford, on the road to last night's final of University Challenge, which they won - has become the new public pariah.

Across the country, bitter bloggers have sniped at a woman who knows about everything from Rudyard Kipling to Kazakhstan banknotes, from Homer to human genetics.

'Smug', 'brain-rupturingly irritating', 'vicious bitch', 'a horse-toothed snob'. . . With every insult there emerges a new member of the growing ranks of a nasty, insecure tribe who need to be comforted in their own dumbness, rather than impressed by another's brilliance.

Jade Goody's story is undeniably a tragic and gripping one; but how extraordinarily inverted our values have become when she is treated like some modern-day Joan of Arc staring death in the face, while another young woman has bile poured upon her for the wicked sin of intelligence.


You can see how much easier it is to take Jade Goody for your role model ahead of Gail Trimble. If you know nothing, and see someone getting rich and famous precisely for that reason, you are instantly validated. You, too, could become the next poster girl for ignorance.

When she appeared on University Challenge, she didn't just know the answers to academic questions about Latin, Maths, Greek and Shakespeare - subjects she studied for her A-levels and at university.

She also knew about the children's books that don't crop up on university syllabuses, but used to form the staple diet of the young British schoolgirl. She gave correct answers to questions on Hilaire Belloc's Cautionary Tales For Children, and Rudyard Kipling's Puck Of Pook's Hill, his children's history book.

Half a century ago, before that broad, deep British education system was narrowed and shallowed by Labour and Tory governments, by patronising teaching unions, and by dumbing down in the name of equality, Miss Trimble certainly wouldn't have been hated.

She also wouldn't have been that remarkable.

-more here

One can't help but suspect that if Ms. Trimble were of African or Asian extraction her accomplishments (irregardless of her personality) would have been sung from the rooftops by every blogger, journalist, politician and average Joe from Edinburgh to London.

But to be a normal, healthy and intelligent young White person is to be the epitome of blasphemy and evil in a once great nation that is in the process of sacrificing itself to the gods of diversity.

"Equality", after all, is not achieved upwardly.


Government Looks Down On Londonistan...

Not much commentary needed for this one. Just the inevitable consequence of "diversity".

Police could soon use unmanned spyplanes like those used to track enemy troops in Iraq and Afghanistan for surveillance operations on British homes.

The Home Office has suggested that the remote-controlled drones could be used to help police gather evidence and track criminals without putting officers at risk.

The miniature aircraft could be fitted with cameras and heat-seeking equipment, allowing police to carry out aerial reconnaissance from a control room.

They also have the benefit of being quieter than conventional helicopters or spotter planes and are much cheaper to run due to their fuel economy.



Monday, February 23, 2009

The Minority Mortgage Meltdown...

from Steve Sailer,
If you aren’t a regular reader of, you’d need a secret decoder ring to understand what Gramm means by “politicized mortgages”. The closest he manages to come to explaining what he’s talking about in his Wall Street Journal op-ed is his euphemistic reference to Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac’s 35 percent quota that “targeted geographic areas deemed to be underserved”.

You know and I know that underserved is Diversity Speak for black and Hispanic neighborhoods. Yet Gramm still can’t come out and say it in public. (In his oral presentation at AEI, he had used the somewhat more revealing term inner cities and depressed areas. But he didn’t dare be even that clear in the WSJ, or maybe the editors wouldn’t let him)

Moreover, that raises a fundamental question: How can Respectable Republicans like Gramm ever hope to persuade the public when they are terrified of saying what they mean for fear of being branded a “racist”?

I guess Gramm would prefer to go down in history as the man who blew up the world than to be accused by the SPLC of uttering hatefacts.

For example, it would strengthen Gramm’s case to point out that Crash was kicked off not just by a subprime lending crisis, but one concentrated in merely four states: California, Arizona, Nevada, and Florida. In August 2008, these accounted for 50 percent of all foreclosures and the vast majority of defaulted dollars.

But if Gramm were to mention that, it would also raise the unmentionable specter of Demographic Change.

There was overlending going on all over the world—yet the collapse started in a few rapidly Hispanicizing states in the U.S. Why?

You have to look at both sides of the equation: lending and repayment. In California and Company, not only was too much money being lent relative to past rates (which was happening in lots of other places, too), but, also, the earning capacity of the new homebuyers to pay back their loans was declining—as Americans moved out and Latin Americans moved in.

That double whammy in the Sand States of increasing lending and decreasing human capital is what blew the gasket on the world economy.


The above is why America is not going to "recover" to her former glories.

Demographics is Destiny!

Pointing out that growing numbers of non-Whites are turning America into a third-world ghetto is not a "hate fact", but simply a fact. It's demonstrable of a pattern played out time and again across nations, communities, cities, regions, etc...

For those who would say such a thing is a stereotype, well, yeah!

As has been stated elsewhere, a stereotype is simply Pattern Recognition...


Sunday, February 22, 2009

Miss As Good As A Mile...

The American Thinker strikes close to reality, but then, as usual, pulls back at the last moment.

When it comes to race we Americans are, for the most part, a nation of cowards. This cowardice was on full display during the most recent presidential election and continues today.
As they are in so many other areas of life, chief among our American cowards are the representatives of the national political media. During the presidential campaign, there was a maniacal effort on the part of the national media to find whites who would not vote for Barack Obama, never mind the reasoning for choosing so. Whites who were not for Mr. Obama were automatically racist in outlook and action, you see.

No major media network or national newspaper attempted to investigate the associations of Barack Obama with William Ayres and the Annenberg Project in Chicago. No major media network or national newspaper launched an investigation as to the release of Barack Obama's grades in college, the lack of legal scholarship that somehow landed him as president of the Harvard Law Review, or any other aspect of his mysterious academic record. Think back to how resolute and determined that same media were in smoking out the academic record of George W. Bush to prove he is a dolt.

What is the difference? It is the difference between the incurious or deliberate ignoring of the seemingly endless and disturbing associations and utterances of Barack Obama and the deliberate attempts at smashing anything and everything associated with Sarah Palin. Because Palin is white, she was fair game. Because Barack Obama is sort of black, anything said against him or an honest inquiry into his past was automatically deemed racist - literally no questions asked.

All Salient points yet,

Too many of us are unwilling to respond to real racism perpetrated by the likes of Eric Holder, Barack Obama, and Jeremiah Wright by repudiating their bigotry in loud, bold language.

Racism is just a modern word for tribalism. And tribalism is a natural, healthy, expression of in-group developmental strategy in competition with other tribes.

What writers such as those at the American Thinker won't admit is that the sentiments expressed by Holder, Obama and the Rev. Wright are all good, healthy and normal expressions of tribal solidarity.

All tribes (save one) express this tribal solidarity, day-in-day-out across the globe. Blacks, hispanics, jews, Asians etc....all express, in the clearest terms possible, that they are in direct competition with each other and in particular with Whites. Unfortunately Whites are the sole tribe who actively work to suppress every healthy tribal tendency among themselves and pro-actively work to dissolve their own tribe at the feet of the others.
Whites assume their own tribal disloyalty to be a "moral good" and thus assume all other tribes will naturally, in time, follow suit. Whites then project their own personalities onto non-Whites, who share none of the White tribal suicidal tendencies, and are thus inevitably "shocked" and "suprised" when blacks, hispanics, jews, asians and others openly and overtly work against all White interests.

This is the reality that "conservatives" (aka White people) continue to hide from. And as long as they do they will see each and every one of their issues and platforms (abortion, gay marriage, the Constitution, democracy, Capitalism etc...) take a continuously leftist turn.


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But What's On TV Tonight?...

Britons are among thousands of tourists fleeing Guadeloupe after full scale urban warfare erupted on the French Caribbean island.

Trouble broke out on the island earlier last month after protesters began rioting over high prices and low wages.

But the situation escalated this week after protesters began turning on rich white families as they demanded an end to colonial control of the economy.

Protesters were now targeting 'all white people', with the media in mainland France describing the situation as virtual civil war'.

Drug Violence Spins Mexico Toward Civil War

A shootout in a border city that leaves five alleged drug traffickers sprawled dead on the street and seven police wounded. A police chief and his bodyguards gunned down outside his house in another border city. Four bridges into the United States shut down by protesters who want the military out of their towns and who officials say are backed by narcotraffickers.

That was Mexico on Tuesday.

What is most remarkable is that it was not much different from Monday or Sunday or any day in the past few years.

Mexico, a country with a nearly 2,000-mile border with the United States, is undergoing a horrifying wave of violence that some are likening to a civil war. Drug traffickers battle fiercely with each other and Mexican authorities. The homicide rate reached a record level in 2008 and indications are that the carnage could be exceeded this year.

Larry Birns, director of the Washington-based Council on Hemispheric Affairs, calls it "a sickening vertigo into chaos and plunder."

Reporting from Columbus, N.M. -- The day began gently here on the U.S.-Mexico border. The cold, starry sky gave way to the orange smile of a sunrise.
But less than three miles south, in the once-quaint Mexican town of Palomas, a war is being waged. Over the last year, a drug feud that has killed more than 1,350 people in sprawling Ciudad Juarez has spread to tiny Palomas, 70 miles west, where more than 40 people have been gunned down, a dozen within a baseball toss of the border. More -- no one knows how many -- have been kidnapped, and the Palomas police chief fled across the border last year and has asked for political asylum.

Robert Odom, a former town trustee, warned that the town was pushing its luck. "So far, knock on wood, it's been narco-traffickers attacking their own people," he said. "But it's only a matter of time before it spills over here."


As drug cartels continue to terrorize Mexico, Texas officials are planning for the worst-case scenario: how to respond if the violence spills over the border, and what to do if thousands of Mexicans seek refuge in the United States.

Katherine Cesinger, a spokeswoman for Texas Gov. Rick Perry, said a multi-agency contingency plan is being developed, and it will focus primarily on law enforcement issues, including how to handle an influx of Mexicans fleeing violence.

"At this point, what we're focusing on is spillover violence," Cesinger told Thursday. "The immediate concern, if any, would be that."

More than 5,300 people were killed in Mexico last year in connection to criminal activity, and some experts predict things will get worse. Along with Pakistan, Mexico was identified in a Department of Defense report last year as a country that could destabilize rapidly.

If that were to happen, officials are concerned that the drug violence could cross the Rio Grande into southern Texas.

"Worst-case scenario, Mexico becomes the Western hemisphere's equivalent of Somalia, with mass violence, mass chaos," said Ted Galen Carpenter, vice president for defense and foreign policy at the Cato Institute, a Washington-based think tank. "That would clearly require a military response from the United States."

NEW YORK – President Obama affirmed in an interview with a Spanish-language radio show that his administration is preparing to push for a new round of "comprehensive immigration reform."

The White House confirmed to WND Obama was a guest on the Univision show "Piolin por la Manana," or "Piolin for the morning," hosted by Eddie "Piolin" Sotelo. A transcript of the interview, however, was not posted on the White House website.

"And then we've got to have comprehensive immigration reform," Obama told the radio audience, according to a transcript. "It's going to take some time to move that forward, but I'm very committed to making it happen."



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That's Their Story And They're Sticking It To It....

via Majority Rights,


Regensburg District Attorney Guenther Ruckdaeschel said authorities were investigating whether the remarks can be considered “inciting racial hatred.” Denying the Holocaust is a crime in Germany, punishable by up to five years in prison.

… Ruckdaeschel decided to launch his investigation in Regensburg because the Williamson interview was conducted at a seminar of the Society of Saint Pius X, of which Williamson is a member, in the nearby town of Zaitzkofen.

… Ruckdaeschel says he will attempt to question the two Swedish reporters who conducted the interview. He said it was unlikely Williamson would have to appear in court because he is currently in Argentina, but the bishop may be required to submit a written statement in the case.


Richard Williamson, the British-born bishop whose excommunication was reversed by Pope Benedict XVI in January, is now the subject of a complaint before an Argentine federal court. The 68-year-old bishop stands accused of denying the Holocaust, according to evidence presented before Judge Julian Ercolini. In addition to

Tuesday’s complaint, he may face further charges. The head of Argentina’s National Institute against Discrimination (INADI), Maria Jose Lubertino, said Williamson would also have to correct or confirm his claims. “He is obliged to clarify the veracity of his claims. We are going to make a formal legal complaint and he may face up to three years in prison,” Lubertino said.

The institute has asked for copies of a Swedish television interview in which Williamson negates the existence of gas chambers in the extermination of six million Jews, Roma, and others during the regime led by Adolph Hitler.


A French human rights group says it will press charges against a Holocaust-denying British bishop.

The International League Against Racism and Anti-Semitism said Wednesday in a statement that it would charge Richard Williamson with “contesting crimes against humanity” and denying the Holocaust in an article published in the German der Spiegel magazine and in a television interview.

In an interview published Monday in der Spiegel, Williamson said he needed “proof” that the Nazis used gas chambers to murder Jews during the Holocaust, despite a recent request by Pope Benedict XVI that the rehabilitated bishop distance himself from such views.

The pope’s January reinstatement of Williamson after 20 years of excommunication caused a global outcry.

A Wednesday poll by the daily Le Parisien showed 70 percent of French respondents disapproved of the pope’s decision to reinstate Williamson and three other ultra-conservative bishops. Some 27 percent said they approved.

From The Times:

Bishop Richard Williamson ordered to leave Argentina

An English bishop who denies the holocaust has been ordered to leave Argentina.

Bishop Richard Williamson has been give ten days to leave the country or face expulsion after global controversy over his views and the Vatican’s attitudes towards them.

The Argentine Interior Ministry said Bishop Williamson’s statements on the Holocaust “profoundly insult Argentine society, the Jewish community and all of humanity by denying an historic truth” ...

There is only one other instance in the world today that I can think of that compares to a man being threatened, prosecuted and expelled from nations for denying a dogma....Islam. In Islamic societies men and women are often prosecuted and persecuted for denying the faith.

Judaism and Islam; birds of a feather.

And if the extent to which Bishop Williamson is being harassed, persecuted, demonized in the media and threatened with prosecution in different nations on different continents is not a testimony to the unprecedented power of international jewry, nothing ever will be.

As for the story, well,

Rabbi Wise's Address

'There are 6,000,000 living, bleeding, suffering arguments in favor of Zionism. They come not to beg, but ask for that which is higher than all material things. They seek to have satisfied the unquenchable thirst after the ideal. They ask to become once again the messengers of right, justice, and humanity."
The New York Times June 11 1900, page 7


Jacob H. Schiff, Meyer London, and Dr. Enelow Plead with the Rich to Give.

"Louis Marshall, speaking at a meeting in Temple Emanu-El last night, deplored what he termed the failure of the Jews of America, particularly of New York, to realize the terrible calamity that has overtaken the millions of Jews whose homes are in the eastern theater of the European war.

...more than 6,000,000 are in the heart of the war zone; Jews whose lives are at stake and who today are subjected to every manner of suffering and sorrow..."
The New York Times January 14 1915

Germans Let Jews Die. Women and Children
in Warsaw Starving to Death

"Through the Intelligence Department of the Mayor's Committee on National Defense, the Provisional Zionist Committee last night made public a letter describing conditions among Jews in Warsaw under German rule....It is witnessed here all over, in every street, in every step, in every house. Jewish mothers, mothers of mercy, feel happy to see their nursing babies die; at least they are through with their suffering.....The veracity and authenticity of the letter is vouched for by the Zionist Committee,"
The New York Times August 10 1917


"Approval of the plans of Zionist leaders for the creation of a national Jewish Commonwealth in Palestine was given tonight by President Wilson to a delegation of representative American Jewish Leaders who spent an hour at the White House in conference with the President over the international status of Jews around the world.....Rabbi Wise spoke of the aspirations and hopes of American Jews and of Jewry around the world, told of his recent visit to Paris, in its bearing on the Peace Conference, and discussed the League of Nations, predicting that it would be part of the final Peace Treaty......The real question now is whether we will form a League of Nations, whether we will stay where we are and help keep the peace of the world, or come back here and have to go back and make war again."
The New York Times March 3 1919, page 1


"Felix M. Warburg, Chairman of the Joint Distribution Committee of American Funds for Jewish War Sufferers, who returned several days ago from a trip to Europe for that organization, made public yesterday some of his findings.....'The successive blows of contending armies have all but broken the back of European Jewry,' he said, 'and have reduced to tragically unbelievable poverty, starvation and disease about 6,000,000 souls.."
The New York Times November 12 1919, page 7

Non-Sectarian Appeal for $7,500,000 Starts Today with Sermons in All Churches.

"A famished child upon the auction block, a mother in the foreground pleading for aid, death with outstretched arms lurking near and the legend, 'Shall Death Be the Highest Bidder?'
$7,500,000 to be raised here this week by the Greater New York Appeal for Jewish War Sufferers.....'Hunger, cold rags, desolation, disease, death - Six million human beings, without food, shelter, clothing or medical treatment"
The New York Times May 2nd 1920, Section 2 page 1

(Former Governor of the State of N.Y.)

"From across the sea SIX MILLION men and women call to us for help, and eight
hundred thousand little children cry for bread....six million men and women are dying from lack of the necessaries of life.....In this threatened holocaust of life....."

The American Hebrew October 31 1919


Just More Rain...

Many students come in with the conviction that they’ve worked hard and deserve a higher mark,” Professor Grossman said.

“I tell my classes that if they just do what they are supposed to do and meet the standard requirements, that they will earn a C,” he said. “That is the default grade. They see the default grade as an A.”

A recent study by researchers at the University of California, Irvine, found that a third of students surveyed said that they expected B’s just for attending lectures, and 40 percent said they deserved a B for completing the required reading.


In a society of race quotas, affirmative actions and wymens studies, how is the above out of place or beyond the pale?

This is, after all, a nation that just elected the most unqualified person in American history to the office of President simply because he was black.

The American people have demonstrated time and again their preference for fiction over reality.

When it rains, it will pour....


Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Your Media At Work...


Last fall, twenty-six-year-old Anne Pressly, the anchor on ABC affiliate KATV’s Daybreak show, was assaulted and mortally injured in her home in Little Rock’s affluent Pulaski Heights area, four blocks from the Little Rock Country Club. She was found unconscious on the morning of October 20th by her mother, Patti Cannady, and succumbed on October 25th.

According to one press report:

"Patti Cannady, visiting from out of town, went to her daughter's Little Rock home because she didn't answer a wake-up call and found the 26-year-old woman had been beaten beyond recognition. Every bone in her face had been broken, Cannady said.

“'Her jaw, pulverized so badly that the bone had come out of it. I actually thought that her throat, it possibly been cut, but that was possibly the first knockout punch. Her entire skull had numerous fractures from which she suffered a massive stroke.'

“Pressly died in a hospital five days later without regaining consciousness. Her left hand was broken, her mother said.

“'She fought for her life, she fought her attacker,' Patti Cannady said."

[Parents: Slain anchorwoman was sexually assaulted, by Jon Gambrell, Associated Press/AT&T, December 1, 2008,]

While reporting interracial murders and attempted murders carried out by black men against white women, I have noted a pattern involving certain aspects of the crime, the official response or lack thereof, and responses by different elements of the public.

The murder typically is extreme in its brutality, with the killer inflicting the maximum in pain and humiliation on his victim. The authorities stonewall the public—unlike their reactions to deaths or assaults committed against blacks by whites, when they strive for a maximum in publicity and transparency. When they do speak, it is often to lie, adamantly denying that the crime was “racially motivated”—even though they have no problem calling (statistically rare) white-on-black murders “racially motivated”—and claiming either that the motive was "robbery" or that they can’t imagine what the motive might have been etc. etc.

Meanwhile, the mainstream media and their blogosphere comrades will mock and denounce any whites who state the obvious as "racists," "white nationalists," "Nazis," etc.

Black-on-white torture murders of females invariably follow the rape and/or sodomy of the victim: The Wichita Massacre; the Knoxville Horror; the Columbia University rape-torture-attempted murder; the Winchester Atrocity (in which the gang-rape victim was the black wife of a white man). The sexual humiliation doubles the murderer’s pleasure.

Of course, black felons often rape black women they find in homes they are burgling, but they rarely torture and murder them. White felons act similarly with white women. White-on-black rape is virtually non-existent, and I can’t remember the last white-on-black rape-torture-murder. But black-on-white rape-torture-murder, burglary-rape-murder, and simple rape-murder are all the rage.

-more here


Resistance Isn't Futile After All...

A group of British Islamists plotted to cause deaths on an “almost unprecedented scale” by blowing up transatlantic airliners using liquid explosives hidden in soft drink bottles, a London court heard Tuesday.

The eight men were almost ready to execute their plan to bring down seven aircraft simultaneously in mid-air as they flew from London to the United States and Canada when they were arrested, Woolwich Crown Court was told.

The suspects, who deny conspiracy to murder, were arrested in August 2006, just over a year after four young British Islamists killed 52 commuters in suicide bomb attacks on London’s transport system.


For those who would (foolishly) appeal to the, "it's culture not race", argument in regards to assimilation, fine. Suppose "Britain" is a culture.

Islam, as well, is a culture.

There are approx. 50 million British people located on an island the size of the state of Oregon.

There are approx. 1.5 billion muslims located on every continent in the world.

Now, realistically, what are the odds muslims are going to become culturally British?

Try, zero.

Stop listening to the Corpgov and the Old Media, aka, The Borg. Men are not blank slates and cultures are not border-less. The vast majority of people across the globe flat out reject egalitarianism and its mutant cousin equallitarianism.

The belief in equality is an anathema to the human experience, both past and future. Those who presently espouse it will, in time, be relegated to the Jonestown section of history books.

Race is not a social construct. Societies are racial constructs.

Demographics is destiny!


Getting More Equal All The Time....

New York's bedbug infestation is getting worse, with almost 10,000 complaints to the city last year - one-third higher than the year before.

"There are lots and lots of people who are having a devastating experience with bedbugs," said Renee Corea, who helped start the coalition New York vs. Bed Bugs after being bitten. "We are already regarded as the most highly infested city in the United States."

New Yorkers called 311 with 9,213 bedbug complaints in the last fiscal year, up 33.7% from the year before, according to records that Corea's group obtained through a Freedom of Information request.

That probably understates the problem, Corea said, because uncounted numbers of New Yorkers call exterminators instead of phoning 311.

Other spikes appeared in the northern and eastern Bronx, in midtown Manhattan, in the Rockaways and a section of eastern Queens, and on the North Shore of Staten Island.

Nature, not man's "prejudice", has made peoples unequal. And nature tends to favor evolutionary upwardly mobility. Thus the only way for man to engineer "equality" is to do so downwardly.

In other words you can't make everybody equally intelligent, but you can work to make them equally ignorant.
You can't make everybody equally happy but you can sure make everyone equally miserable.

You can't elevate the third world to Western standards of civilization, but you can push Western civilization down to third world levels by simply bringing the third world here....bedbugs and all.


Monday, February 16, 2009

Your Empire At Work...

Weak Stomach?
Don't read the following.

THE Georgia peanut company at the center of one of our nation’s worst food-contamination scares has officially reached a revolting new low: a recent inspection by the Food and Drug Administration discovered that the salmonella-tainted plant was also home to mold and roaches.

You may be grossed out, but insects and mold in our food are not new. The F.D.A. actually condones a certain percentage of “natural contaminants” in our food supply — meaning, among other things, bugs, mold, rodent hairs and maggots.

the F.D.A.’s Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition establishes acceptable levels of such “defects” for a range of foods products, from allspice to peanut butter.

Among the booklet’s list of allowable defects are “insect filth,” “rodent filth” (both hair and excreta pellets), “mold,” “insects,” “mammalian excreta,” “rot,” “insects and larvae” (which is to say, maggots), “insects and mites,” “insects and insect eggs,” “drosophila fly,” “sand and grit,” “parasites,” “mildew” and “foreign matter” (which includes “objectionable” items like “sticks, stones, burlap bagging, cigarette butts, etc.”).

Tomato juice, for example, may average “10 or more fly eggs per 100 grams [the equivalent of a small juice glass] or five or more fly eggs and one or more maggots.” Tomato paste and other pizza sauces are allowed a denser infestation — 30 or more fly eggs per 100 grams or 15 or more fly eggs and one or more maggots per 100 grams.

Canned mushrooms may have “over 20 or more maggots of any size per 100 grams of drained mushrooms and proportionate liquid” or “five or more maggots two millimeters or longer per 100 grams of drained mushrooms and proportionate liquid” or an “average of 75 mites” before provoking action by the F.D.A.

The sauerkraut on your hot dog may average up to 50 thrips. And when washing down those tiny, slender, winged bugs with a sip of beer, you might consider that just 10 grams of hops could have as many as 2,500 plant lice. Yum.

In case you’re curious: you’re probably ingesting one to two pounds of flies, maggots and mites each year without knowing it, a quantity of insects that clearly does not cut the mustard, even as insects may well be in the mustard.

Now, aside from getting into the fact that Uncle Sam has pretty much run local farmers out of business through licensing and regulatory restrictions (in the name of Public Safety), just think of the other things your government "manages" besides the Food Supply.


The Economy

The Borders

The Wars


Child Welfare

Social Security

Law Enforcement

Judicial Enforcement

Land Usage


Crime Statistics

International Relations

Medical Regulations

Pharmaceutical Regulations

Critical Infrastructure Maintenance

Regulatory Oversight of Resources (coal, oil, timber, metals, etc..)

The Water Supply

The Media

..........................Just to name a few.

Now take a good long look around your nation.

Notice the ever increasing numbers of people with an ever increasing number of ailments?

Notice the increasing crime and poverty.

Notice the spread of new or once defeated diseases?

Notice the presence of increasing numbers of foreigners taking your jobs and overrunning your neighborhoods?

Notice the ever expanding amount of contempt the media shows towards you and your family?

Notice the banksters slipping out the back door with your money....courtesy the Congress?

Notice the removals of major industries from America to overseas "departments"?

Notice the increasing worthlessness of your money?

Notice the ever evolving surveillance-society in your city even as crime increases and criminals commit egregious crimes with no fear of punishment?

Notice the number of crooks in your government who continue governing despite their crimes?

Notice the blatant lies from a hand holding Government and Media which led the nation into countless wars on fabricated information...aka lies?

Notice the expanse of power for agencies such as FEMA even as they demonstrate their incompetence to manage disaster relief?

Notice the number of your fellow citizens on mood altering drugs (illegal and legal) which act to suppress otherwise healthy and normal reactions to all of the above?

Notice the amount of people walking around mutilated through an over abundance of piercings, tattoos, cuttings, burnings etc....?

Notice the short attention spans which allow politicians to shout the exact same slogans every four years and be received with just as much excitement from the crowds as four years before?

Notice the increasing incompetence of officials at every level of government?

Notice the increasing ignorance of each succeeding generation of young people who survived public schools?

Notice the brick wall rapidly approaching?


Sunday, February 15, 2009

When In Rome....

("Yo, yo yo....check this sheeet out bro!")

Stretched thin in Afghanistan and Iraq, the American military will begin recruiting skilled immigrants who are living in this country with temporary visas, offering them the chance to become United States citizens in as little as six months.

This kind of strategic thinking worked really well for the Romans, you know.

But see if you can follow this line of reasoning,

Recruiters expect that the temporary immigrants will have more education, foreign language skills and professional expertise than many Americans who enlist, helping the military to fill shortages in medical care, language interpretation and field intelligence analysis.

I guess it depends on your definition of "skilled immigrants."
I tend to think of college educated engineers, physicists and such. But then why would those people want to volunteer to fight (and potentially die) abroad for America's Imperialistic aspirations?
Usually skilled immigrants here on visas eventually return to their own nations where they form the upper class.

And, considering the economic crash currently taking place wouldn't the wise course be to scale back America's military presence around the globe?

Never mind, I forgot.....Empires must continue to expand to avoid contraction.

White man, do not, under any circumstance, sign up to assist this military in any way whatsoever.
This is no longer your country and no longer represents your interests.
In fact it considers you to be its number one enemy!

Those who "fight" for America today deserve nothing but the shame and contempt which history will most certainly bestow upon them...


Saturday, February 14, 2009

Pay No Attention To That Man Behind The Curtain...

The following is how to write propaganda.....and mean it!

ROME (AFP) — The world's richest nations called Saturday for urgent reform of global finance to save the world from the economic devastation that is dragging more and more countries into recession.

Italy's Finance Minister called for a "new world economic order" as he wrapped up the crisis meeting of finance leaders from the Group of Seven leading economies over which he presided here.

In a joint declaration, the G7 called for "urgent reforms" of the international financial system.

Tremonti said a so-called set of "legal standards" discussed in Rome would be presented at a meeting of 20 key advanced and emerging economies (G20) in London in April and a summit of the Group of Eight (G8) world powers in July.

"A new world economic order might seem rhetorical," he told reporters. "But it is a true goal we should be aiming towards... today right here in Rome we've embarked on a very significant journey, both technical and ethical."


Those who believe everything will fall apart and that "Road Warriors" will take to the streets and reclaim America Founding Fathers style are sincerely self deluded.

The blood suckers who engineered this current economic catastrophe are downright giddy at the prospects of "doctoring up" the markets and creating a new Beast to rage against the people.

Many of the those who today fear a coming Police State will be marching through the streets demanding one before all is said and done.


Because it's one thing to be without basic necessities in a racially, culturally and religiously homogeneous society of 100 million. It's another thing to be without basic necessities in a multicultural cesspit of 340 million who do not speak the same language, worship the same god or share similar ethics and morals.

In those fractured and volatile societies only one type of government can be implemented and sustained....a militaristic dictatorship.

But hey, thinking is what elected officals are for. So just go back to watching the game and leave you and your family's fate in the hands of the "experts".

Oh, and pay no attention to that man behind the curtain....


We Are Not They...

Assuming equality leads to all sorts of situations wherein one will be "shocked" - "horrified" - "outraged"- "repulsed" and eventually, "betrayed"

Accepting un-equalness as a natural state within nature is the first step towards making peace with reality.

Sadly, many still prefer to wage war on reality,

From American Renaissance,

“Africa is materially more decrepit than it was when I first knew it—hungrier, poorer, less educated, more pessimistic, more corrupt, and you can’t tell the politicians from the witch doctors. Africans, less esteemed than ever, seemed to me the most lied to people on earth—manipulated by their governments, burned by foreign experts, befooled by charities, and cheated at every turn. To be an African leader was to be a thief, but evangelists stole people’s innocence, and self-serving aid agencies gave them false hope, which seemed worse. In reply, Africans dragged their feet or tried to emigrate, they begged, they pleaded, and they demanded money and gifts with a rude, weird sense of entitlement.”

Mr. Theroux does not expect things to improve. Often the only things that seemed to work were left over from European colonists. The ferry he took across Lake Victoria was built by the British in 1962; its original engines, boilers, and generators were still running.

According to Mr. Theroux, the worst part of Africa is the cities. “Whenever I arrived in an African city, I wanted to leave.” “Urban life is nasty all over the world, but it is nastiest in Africa.” “None of the African cities I had so far seen, from Cairo southward, seemed fit for human habitation.” “African cities became more awful—more desperate and dangerous as they grew larger.” “Even at their best, African cities seemed to me miserable improvised anthills, attracting the poor and the desperate from the bush and turning them into thieves and devisers of cruel scams.”

“In Egypt, every wall attracts dumpers, litterers, shitters and pissers, dogs and cats, and the noisiest children.” “The heat in Khartoum, with its sky specks of rotating hawks, left me gasping.” Khartoum was so dangerous that the American counsel general did not even live there, but flew in from Cairo during the week. Addis Ababa was “dirty and falling apart, stinking horribly of unwashed people and sick animals, every wall reeking with urine, every alley blocked with garbage,” the streets “full of loud music, car horns, diesel fumes, and pestering urchins.” Hyenas stalked the streets of Harar, Ethiopia, at night, and people howled at foreigners. Djibouti’s “oppressive heat was not relieved by the scorching breezes off the Gulf of Aden, nor was there any terrain except the landfill look of reclaimed swamp.”

“Nairobi was huge and dangerous and ugly.” There was a palpable sense of “desperation” which was “not the dark side, or a patch of urban blight, but the mood of the place itself.” He did not go out at night, for even “the wariest people were robbed.” Three FBI agents investigating the 1998 embassy bombing were robbed of their wallets and pistols and then mocked and jeered by a large crowd. Even the wild birds stole from people. Kampala was an improvement by comparison but decrepit and in decline. While there, he visited Makerere University, where he had taught, and found it a ruin—the buildings falling apart, the trees cut down, the library an empty shell.

“Mozambique,” he writes, “was not a country in decline—this part of it, anyway, could not fall any further.” Of its capital city, “It was hard to imagine how much worse a place had to be for a broken-down city like Maputo to seem like an improvement.” Even once prosperous and orderly Johannesburg was crime-ridden and increasingly ringed with teeming and angry slums. “That’s what happened in Africa: things fell apart.”

Mr. Theroux tells story after story that demonstrate the hopeless passivity of so many Africans. In the “sun-baked emptiness” of the Wagago Plains in Tanzania, he spotted a single mango tree “of modest size but leafy with dense boughs. There was a circle of shade beneath it. Within that shade were thirty people, pressed against one another to keep in the shade, watched by a miserable goat tethered in the sunshine.” He wondered why “no one in this hot, exposed place had thought to plant more mango trees for the shade they offered. It was simple enough to plant a tree.”


There is no poverty problem in Africa. That which Westerners see as the dilapidated environment there is simply the natural state of things for African peoples.

It's not good. It's not bad. It simply is.

Yes, they (the details of the circumstances) can vary from place to place, but overall the condition is endemic to the people. Not just in Africa but any place where they're clustered.

Attempting to modify that condition to meet another group's standards is like taking sun lamps to the North Pole so the Polar Bears can enjoy the subtropic temperatures that the alligators rave about....


Thursday, February 12, 2009

Re-Up (Civilization: It's A White Thing)...

Warning For America
From South Africa

By Gemma Meyer (Gemma Meyer is the pseudonym of a South African journalist. She and her husband, a former conservative member of parliament, still reside in South Africa.)

People used to say that South Africa was 20 years behind the rest of the Western world. Television, for example, came late to South Africa (but so did pornography and the gay rights movement).

Today, however, South Africa may be the grim model of the future Western world, for events in America reveal trends chillingly similar to those that destroyed our country.

America's structures are Western. Your Congress, your lobbying groups, your free speech, and the way ordinary Americans either get involved or ignore politics are peculiarly Western, not the way most of the world operates. But the fact that only about a third of Americans deem it important to vote is horrifying in light of how close you are to losing your Western character.

Writing letters to the press, manning stands at county fairs, hosting fund-raising dinners, attending rallies, setting up conferences, writing your Congressman - that is what you know, and what you are comfortable with. Those are the political methods you've created for yourselves to keep your country on track and to ensure political accountability.

But woe to you if - or more likely, when - the rules change. White Americans may soon find themselves unable or unwilling to stand up to challenge the new political methods that will be the inevitable result of the ethnic metamorphosis now taking place in America. Unable to cope with the new rules of the game - violence, mob riots, intimidation through accusations of racism, demands for proportionality based on racial numbers, and all the other social and political weapons used by the have-nots to bludgeon treasure and power from the haves - Americans, like others before them, will no doubt cave in. They will compromise away their independence and ultimately their way of life.

That is exactly what happened in South Africa. I know, because I was there and I saw it happen.

Faced with revolution in the streets, strikes, civil unrest and the sheer terror and murder practiced by Nelson Mandela's African National Congress (ANC), the white government simply capitulated in order to achieve "peace."

Westerners need peace. They need order and stability. They are builders and planners. But what we got was the peace of the grave for our society.

The Third World is different - different peoples with different pasts and different cultures. Yet Westerners continue to mistake the psychology of the Third World and its peoples. Sierra Leone and Zimbabwe are perfect examples of those mistakes. Sierra Leone is in perpetual civil war, and Zimbabwe - once the thriving, stable Rhodesia - is looting the very people (the white men) who feed the country. Yet Westerners do not admit that the same kind of savagery could come to America when enough immigrants of the right type assert themselves. The fact is, Americans are sitting ducks for Third World exploitation of the Western conscience of compassion.

Those in the West who forced South Africa to surrender to the ANC and its leaders did not consider Africa to be the dangerous, corrupt, and savage place it is now in Zimbabwe and South Africa. Those Western politicians now have a similar problem looming on their own doorsteps: the demand for power and treasure from the non-Western peoples inside the realm.

It is already too late for South Africa, but not for America if enough people strengthen their spine and take on the race terrorists, the armies of the "politically correct" and, most dangerous of all, the craven politicians who believe "compassionate conservatism" will buy them a few more votes, a few more days of peace.

White South Africans, you should remember, have been in that part of Africa for the same amount of time whites have inhabited North America; yet ultimately South Africans voted for their own suicide. We are not so very different from you.

We lost our country through skillful propaganda, pressure from abroad (not least from the U.S.A.), unrelenting charges of "oppression" and "racism," and the shrewd assessment by African tyrants that the white man has many Achilles' heels, the most significant of which are his compassion, his belief in the "equality of man," and his "love your neighbor" philosophy - none of which are part of the Third World's history.

The mainline churches played a big role in the demise of Western influence throughout Africa, too; especially in South Africa. Today's tyrants were yesterday's mission-school proteges. Many dictators in Africa were men of the cloth. They knew their clerical collars would deflect criticism and obfuscate their real aims, which had nothing whatever to do with the "brotherhood of man."

Other tyrants, like the infamous Idi Amin, were trained and schooled by the whites themselves, at Oxford, Cambridge, and Harvard. After receiving the best from the West, they unleashed a resentful bloodlust against their benefactors.

From what I have seen and read thus far, I fear Americans will capitulate just as we did. Americans are, generally, a soft lot. They don't want to quarrel or obstruct the claims of those who believe they were wronged. They like peace and quiet, and they want to compromise and be nice.

A television program that aired in South Africa showed a town meeting somewhere in Southern California where people met to complain about falling standards in the schools. Whites who politely spoke at the meeting clearly resented the influx of Mexican immigrants into their community. When a handful of Chicanos at the back of the hall shouted and waved their hands at them, the whites simply shrunk back into their seats rather than tell the noisemakers to shut up. They didn't want to quarrel.

In America, the courts are still the final arbiters of society's laws. But what will happen when your future majority refuses to abide by court rulings - as in Zimbabwe. What will happen when the new majority says the judges are racists, and that they refuse to acknowledge "white man's justice"? What will happen when the courts are filled with their people, or their sympathizers? In California, Proposition 187 has already been overturned.

What will you do when the future non-white majority decides to change the names of streets and cities? What will you do when they no longer want to use money that carries the portraits of old, dead white "racists" and slave owners? Will you cave in, like you did on flying the Confederate flag? What about the national anthem? Your official language?

Don't laugh. When the "majority" took over in South Africa, the first targets were our national symbols.

In another generation, America may well face what Africa is now experiencing - invasions of private land by the "have-nots;" the decline in health care quality; roads and buildings in disrepair; the banishment of your history from the education of the young; the revolutionization of your justice system.

In South Africa today, only 9 percent of murderers end up in jail. Court dockets are regularly purchased and simply disappear. Magistrates can be bribed as can the prison authorities, making escapes commonplace. Vehicle and airplane licenses are regularly purchased, and forged school and university certificates are routine.

What would you think of the ritual slaughter of animals in your neighbor's backyard? How do you clean up the blood and entrails that litter your suburban streets? How do you feel about the practice of witchcraft, in which the parts of young girls and boys are needed for "medicinal" purposes? How do you react to the burning of witches?

Don't laugh. All that is quite common in South Africa today.

Don't imagine that government officials caught with their fingers in the till will be punished. Excuses - like the need to overcome generations of white racism - will be found to exonerate the guilty.

In fact, known criminals will be voted into office because of a racial solidarity among the majority that doesn't exist among the whites. When Ian Smith of the old Rhodesia tried to stand up to the world, white South African politicians were among the Westerners pressuring him to surrender.

When Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe murders his political opponents, ignores unfavorable court decisions, terrorizes the population and siphons off millions from the state treasury for himself and his friends, South Africa's new President Thabo Mbeki holds his hand and declares his support. That just happened a few weeks ago.

Your tax dollars will go to those who don't earn and don't pay. In South Africa, organizations that used to have access to state funds such as old age homes, the arts, and veterans' services, are simply abandoned.

What will happen is that Western structures in America will be either destroyed from without, or transformed from within, used to suit the goals of the new rulers. And they will reign either through terror, as in Zimbabwe today, or exert other corrupt pressures to obtain, or buy votes. Once power is in the hands of aliens, don't expect loyalty or devotion to principle from those whose jobs are at stake. One of the most surprising and tragic components of the disaster in South Africa is how many previously anti-ANC whites simply moved to the other side.

Once you lose social, cultural, and political dominance, there is no getting it back again.

Unfortunately, your habits and values work against you. You cannot fight terror and street mobs with letters to your Congressmen. You cannot fight accusations of racism with prayer meetings. You cannot appeal to the goodness of your fellow man when the fellow man despises you for your weaknesses and hacks off the arms and legs of his political opponents.

To survive, Americans must never lose the power they now enjoy to people from alien cultures. Above all, don't put yourselves to the test of fighting only when your backs are against the wall. You will probably fail.

Millions around the world want your good life. But make no mistake: They care not for the high-minded ideals of Thomas Jefferson and George Washington, and your Constitution. What they want are your posessions, your power, and your status.

And they already know that their allies among you, the "human rights activists," the skillful lawyers and the left-wing politicians will fight for them, and not for you. They will exploit your compassion and your Christian charity, and your good will.

They have studied you, Mr. and Mrs. America, and they know your weaknesses well.

They know what to do.

Do you?


Re-Up (The Heritage)...

Our Fathers in a wondrous age,
Ere yet the Earth was small,
Ensured to us a heritage,
And doubted not at all
That we, the children of their heart,
Which then did beat so high,
In later time should play like part
For our posterity.

A thousand years they steadfast built,
To 'vantage us and ours,
The Walls that were a world's despair,
The sea-constraining Towers:
Yet in their midmost pride they knew,
And unto Kings made known,
Not all from these their strength they drew,
Their faith from brass or stone.

Youth's passion, manhood's fierce intent,
With age's judgment wise,
They spent, and counted not they spent,
At daily sacrifice.
Not lambs alone nor purchased doves
Or tithe of trader's gold --
Their lives most dear, their dearer loves,
They offered up of old.

Refraining e'en from lawful things,
They bowed the neck to bear
The unadorned yoke that brings
Stark toil and sternest care.
Wherefore through them is Freedom sure;
Wherefore through them we stand,
From all but sloth and pride secure,
In a delightsome land.

Then, fretful, murmur not they gave
So great a charge to keep,
Nor dream that awestruck Time shall save
Their labour while we sleep.
Dear-bought and clear, a thousand year,
Our fathers' title runs.
Make we likewise their sacrifice,
Defrauding not our sons.

-Rudyard Kipling