Sunday, May 10, 2009

How Ethnic Cleansers Define "Minority"...

Minority Youngsters Dying Weekly On Chicago Streets

CHICAGO, Illinois (CNN) -- The Rev. Michael Pfleger has ordered the American flag at St. Sabina Church hung upside-down -- a historic sign of distress -- to symbolize the growing death toll among the city's youngsters.

So far this school year, 36 children and teens have been murdered -- more than one a week -- and Pfleger is among a chorus of weary Chicagoans who say the slayings aren't getting the attention they deserve.

Asked who was failing the kids -- police? schools? city officials? -- she replied flatly, "We all are."

Other community activists said they're at a loss to find any simple explanation. In May 2007, public outrage overflowed after the death of 16-year-old Blair Holt, an honor student and aspiring songwriter.

According to various media reports, Holt was riding a city bus when a gunfight erupted between two gang members. Holt tried to shield a young girl who was in the line of fire and was fatally shot in the stomach.

His death sparked public protests, and grieving family and activists listed a host of scapegoats: lax gun laws, insufficient policing, bad parenting. But two years later, families and activists say they're tired and discouraged by the torpid pace of change.


If "minorities" account for higher rates of, well anything, in Chicago it's for a simple reason.

Races in Chicago:

  • Black (36.8%)
  • White Non-Hispanic (31.3%)
  • Hispanic (26.0%)
  • Other race (13.6%)
  • Two or more races (2.9%)
  • Chinese (1.1%)
  • Filipino (1.0%)
  • Asian Indian (0.9%)
  • American Indian (0.7%)
  • Other Asian (0.5%)
(Total can be greater than 100% because Hispanics could be counted in other races)

"Minorities" make up, AT LEAST, 70 % of the city's population. (The census definition for 'White Non-Hispanic' includes jews, Arabs, Persians, Turks, Egyptians etc... of whom no small number live in Chicago). Chicago is also home to a rather large number of illegal immigrants. So the actual percentage of actual White people in Chicago is probably around 15% to 20%.

Chicago, Detroit and other large and predominantly White cities were ethnically cleansed of their White populations (politically referred to as 'White Flight' to demonize the victims) in the 50's and 60's and are now paying the price for their new "diverse" third world citizenry.
But don't bet on them changing the definition of minority to fit reality. The Left, after all, exists solely to denounce and war with reality.

The third world is not the third world because it's inhabitants had an incredibly long run of unbelievable bad luck. The third world is the third world because of the people who inhabit it.

People are not products of their environments. Environments are products of a people. That's just kinda freakin obvious!

Civilizations are in the blood. Wherever any people move to they will reproduce the society that is endemic to their nature.

Race is not a social construct. Society is a racial construct...