Saturday, May 2, 2009

The Oink Heard Round The World...

As the swine flu continues its deadly (unprecedented) rampage of making up to tens of people sick for a few days, a few observations should be made.

1. It's a politically correct plague.
Being that it is composed of man, bird and pig strains it is certainly diverse! And seeing as the strains come from different continents it's also multicultural.

2. Its newly mutated and travel ready form came together in Mexico.
Yes Mexico, the nation that just keeps on giving.

3. It's not prejudiced.
It seems to be a plague without borders and is visiting as many nations as a global open doors policy will allow.

4. It has proved the irrelevancy of the vaunted New Media.
Despite the fact that everybody and his brother has a blackBerry, cell phones, Internet access, blogs, vlogs, web sites, shortwave radio, text messaging, digital cameras, etc...etc... nobody knows what the hell is going on. No one seems willing to say, with any certainty or confidence, that it is either being blown out of proportions or its severity covered up.
That is the real story in all of this. The Internet has been marginalized.

As to what the actual bird/pig/man/deer/kangaroo/polar bear/shark/grasshopper/whatever -flu actually means, who knows.

Despite all of the commotion being made by governments there is practically no information (as of yet) to be looked at and analyzed.

Even the always-happy-to-jump-on-the-bandwagon-of-whatever-crisis-is-currently-in-the-news conspiracy nuts seem to be conspicuously quiet about what, by all appearances, seems to be the biggest story since Fat Elvis time traveled back to 1947 and crashed a UFO in Roswell during an air battle with the Lizard Men from the Hollow Earth.

Seriously though,

Despite the CDC and WHO teasing towards a level 6 Pandemic alarm and putting out cryptic stories like this, the silence among the alternative media is deafening.

But like I said, if nothing else this whole episode has proven that the elite can indeed marginalize the Internet without heavily regulating it.

Still, should this actually prove to become a crisis of merit later on, it might pay to read up on what conditions deteriorate into during a calamity in a multiculted nation.

See here for that.