Sunday, May 10, 2009

Paradise Found?...

According to the Left's philosophy of the past 40 years, "diversity" is the key to a paradise on earth. This in spite of the fact that every single racially/religiously/ethnically diverse place on planet earth (down through the ages and currently) is a hell hole of a war zone.

But as the Left is fond of saying, 'never let the truth get in the way of self righteous ideology'.

35 years later, racial chaos at school is a puzzle

News analysts suggested the unrest began after the forced merger two years earlier of Morristown and Morris Township school systems. Morris Township, predominantly white, had sought to build its own high school, but the state education commissioner denied the request, saying it would promote segregation.

Rick Sofield and two teammates were returning to campus after a free-period run to a sporting goods store to pick up a dozen baseball bats. As they pulled into the teacher’s parking lot, they had the radio in coach Harry Shatel’s car cranked up, rock’n'roll straining the speakers.

With blue skies and the temperature near 60 — baseball weather in the Northeast — the Morristown High School students were loving life. But as they climbed out of the car, Sofield, Sonny Holt and Andy Blood quickly realized something wasn’t right. With an open-campus policy at the school of 2,400 students, it was normal for hundreds to be outside on a spring day: Sitting. Chatting. Smoking cigarettes. Or marijuana. Skipping class.

But on Monday, May 6, 1974, there was chaos. Screaming students streamed from every double door that flew open. Mobs of teens, carrying two-by-four’s, swarmed from the wood shop. Across the street, marauders ripped the balusters from the porches of Victorian homes and carried them back into the school. Shoving matches and fights were breaking out everywhere. Bloodied students ran from the campus, scattering in all directions.

Sofield, the All-State shortstop and quarterback, and Holt, an outfielder and All-State running back, sprinted to Shatel’s office in the gym to return his car keys, battling the current of students frantically trying to exit.

They passed the school’s two cafeterias, where chairs were flying and vending machines were toppled as African-American and white students brawled. One student’s hand was shredded when he was pushed through a window. In the halls and on the lawn, punches were being thrown. As they rolled on the ground, girls yanked clumps of hair from each other’s heads.

Thick chains used to secure doors at night now swung from the hands of angry students who marched through the building, whipping them against steel lockers. Frightened underclassmen cracked open first-floor windows and escaped.

“What’s going on?” Sofield asked Shatel.

“Race riot,” the coach said.

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When peoples are given the freedom to choose they inevitably choose to segregate themselves along racial, ethnic and religious lines. (See the collapse of the Ottoman Empire, the Soviet Empire, communist Yugoslavia, the history of the Republic of Ireland and Czechoslovakia for examples)

It is only in tyrannical empires and police states ruled by despots and oligarchs that integration and diversity become virtues and socially engineered aspirations.

In those dictatorial societies half of the people come to fear speaking the truth, while the other half busy themselves apologizing for it...