Monday, May 4, 2009

"You're Going Down Nature!"...

By way of James Edwards Political Cesspool site comes this article from a mainstream -right of center-Christian denomination.

With great interest I’ve followed our discussions on homosexuality in The Banner....

Two things strike me. The first is that these conversations are open, respectful, and keenly concerned about being true to Scripture. That’s hopeful. The second is that so many of us are so sure about stuff—even though what we’re sure of stands diametrically opposed to what others are sure of.

I see hope in the fact that we’re all sure we must do what Scripture would have us do—both in terms of the policy we adopt and how we implement that policy in extending loving acceptance and pastoral care to all our members.
Might it help our conversation forward if we parked our certainties at the door and humbly asked our best minds to do some fresh, serious Bible study that is also informed by the latest scientific research on the subject......?


The article above is riddled with something that is particularly striking considering its source. And the something is doubt.

The "Reverend" projects, over and over, the persona of a man who doesn't believe in anything with any certainty. He suggests that he has no faith in his own reading comprehension, his ancestors reading comprehension or in the ability of anyone to know a truth as a certain.

Eternal doubts and endless questionings is a tragedy I've written about elsewhere.

That every single Christian denomination will come to embrace the homosexual lifestyle is absolutely for certain. Absolutely.....for.......certain.

That inevitable outcome was carved in stone the moment they embraced interracial marriage back in the 1960's and 1970's. The "Civil Rights" Movement, after all, included abortion and gay lifestyle promotion in its program.

To embrace the notion that it is normal for peoples of different races to marry is to also embrace the notion that it is normal for people of the same sex to marry.
The opposing arguments over the past several thousand years maintained that 'nature itself, reflecting God's design, has taught us' that it is abnormal for men to marry men or White people to marry black people.

Somethings naturally, and self evidently, go together, while others do not.

There is a pattern that is true and obvious in nature and anything that revolts against that is in rebellion against nature itself.
This is why Chinese couples do not have Swedish children or Irish couples don't have Arab children or African couples do not have Cherokee children, etc.. etc..

And despite what many people assume, there has been very little ethnic (let alone racial) mixing down through the ages. Historically (up until about the last 40 years) the various peoples across the globe overwhelmingly kept to their own kind as it was self evidently normal, natural and healthy.

But we now live in an age that despises all that is normal, natural and healthy. And the Christian Church is very much of this age, and thus unable to defend truth.

All of the arguments that Christians now use to criticize gay marriage are the exact same arguments (from Scripture) that Christians once used to criticize miscegenation.

They caved on the former and THEY WILL CAVE on the latter. Because once you toss overboard your principles in one circumstance, you can no longer appeal to them in any new ones. To attempt to do so only makes you a blatant hypocrite.

Most of this confusion and doubt stems from a belief that is so obviously and self evidently erroneous that it boggles the mind that many in Western nations still choose to pay it lip service.
I'm speaking, of course, of the belief in "equality".
It started with class then extended to gender and then inevitably to racial and "alternative lifestyles".
And if you embrace just one of those "equalities" you embrace them all. From racial equality to lifestyle equality to religious and cultural's all part of the same package. It's not a salad bar where you can choose one and not the others. Equality is a all encompassing philosophy.
A philosophy, I might add, whose main drive is the destruction of Western Civilization.
That's why an all White nation is cast as insidious and considered to lack diversity while an all black or Asian or Hispanic nation is just fine as it is.

Finally, notice how many people will tow the company line on race, saying it is a social construct, while at the same time being perfectly willing to entertain the idea that "sexual preference" is genetic.

As I said, "equality's" sounding board is hypocrisy.

Belief in Equality
does indeed have nature for a foe...