Wednesday, July 22, 2009

What The South Knew That The North Is Coming to Grips With...

All John Alchier could do was sit and pray.

His call to 911 was put on hold, he said, as he sat in his wheelchair and watched a group of teens pummel his brother and friend.

Alchier, 40, had a front-row seat as the teens swarmed a family gathering on Girard Street following the June 27 fireworks show at Firestone Park. Helplessness overtook him as he prayed out loud.


The victims are white; their attackers are black.


The group of about 30 to 40 teens was in the road, blocking a car.

''I kind of had a bad feeling about it. I was just hoping they were going to walk by and not have a problem,'' Greg Alchier said.

Those hopes faded quickly.

One teen ran up from behind Greg Alchier, cutting through the yard, and blindsided him with a blow to the head.

There was no exchange of words leading up to the attack, witnesses said.

''I turned around and said, 'What the [expletive],'' Greg Alchier said. ''The next thing I know, one kids yells, 'Oh, you want to fight?' and then there's 15 to 20 of them running at us.''

Greg Alchier recalls someone from the group of black teens yelling: ''This is our world.''

Marshall has said he also heard a teen saying: ''This is a black world.''


In police District 6, which includes Firestone Park, reports show that aggravated assaults have more than doubled this year compared with 2008.


Police have not classified the assaults as hate crimes.


Happens every single day in towns across (not just America) but much of the Western world.

It is swept under the rug by both law enforcement and media. (read the rest of the story at the link provided)

The belief in equality is as unreasonable as it is irrational. It is without precedent historically and completely lacking in foundation in the present.

It is a cult, not unlike Jonestown.

Unfortunately many people continue to line up for the coolaid.