Friday, September 11, 2009

Chasing Their Tale...

It's an undeniable fact that most people love a good self congratulatory tale. When such a proclivity is mixed up in national myth it produces zingers such as the following from Chuck Baldwin, behooves me to comment on the spirit of hatred that seems to motivate many people in and out of our great land.

To be sure, one can count me in with those who hate the manner in which the international banking cartel has wormed its way into the inner workings of our federal government. I hate the condescending, elitist attitudes of many in higher education. I hate the way globalists—such as David Rockefeller and his ilk—have been able to use the federal government to promote and safeguard their own private financial and political agendas. I hate the way secularists in public education and private organizations—such as the ACLU, People For the American Way, the Anti Defamation League, etc.—have been able to strip our culture of its Christian heritage. I hate the way politicians from both parties in Washington, D.C., ignore and trample the U.S. Constitution. I hate the way professing Christians and "conservatives" turn a blind eye and deaf ear to the warmongering, police-state mentality of many within the national Republican Party.

I hate the way Nancy Pelosi and her gaggle of liberal Democrats use their power to promote socialism in America. I hate the liberal bias of the mainstream news media. I hate the so-called "political correctness" that permeates the philosophy of virtually every major organization in America these days. I hate the attempts by liberals and "do-gooders" of all stripes to take away my right to keep and bear arms. And, yes, I hate the way America's foreign policy has been manipulated by foreign lobbyists, socialists within the United Nations, and international business interests.

With all of that said, however, if you hate America, count me out!

If Canaan was the Promised Land for Old Testament Israel, America was an earthly Promised Land for Christians and lovers of liberty. In the Providence of God, America was established by the right people, at the right time, and for the right purpose. With all its shortcomings, the U.S. Constitution—along with the Bill of Rights—is the greatest governing document ever devised by man. And the Declaration of Independence is the greatest birth certificate a nation ever had.

In fact, without the freedom and liberty protected by a 200-year history of constitutional government, all those anti-America, anti-Constitution, and anti-Founding Fathers critics out there could not even exist! As God gives the atheist the breath he uses to blaspheme his Creator, so, too, the Constitution protects the right of America-haters to foment their delirium.


Did you get that?
Allow me to unpack that last paragraph above into one simple sentence.

'Without America, all of the people and institutions currently destroying America wouldn't exist'.

And that on top of starting out his column by mentioning those outside of America who hate America, then finishing with the suggestion that only in America are you blessed with the gift to hate America.

But the real kicker is when he begins the article (see the link) with a repudiation of "isms" yet never blinks in his praise of a "nation" that is a creed-based proposition, purposefully devoid of a national language, national religion or ethnic and cultural exclusivity.

At some future post-America point in history a dictionary will carry the following entry,

America; 1. A former nation-state in North America. 2. A slang for a mutating and ill defined blob of ideological isms.