Thursday, September 17, 2009

Why The "Conservative Movement" Is DOA...

Nothing illustrates the intentional ignorance and blind adherence to ideological falsehoods better than this article from WorldNetDaily's David Kupelian.

He writes,

Many Americans right now are wondering how on earth former President Jimmy Carter could be so utterly deluded as to accuse millions of regular Americans, from soccer moms and Wal-Mart greeters to military vets and grandmothers, who oppose the attempted socialist transformation of their country, of being racists. How could he be so out of touch with reality?


He's not out of touch Dave, it's just that you are delusional. Of course the word, racist, was coined by none other than the Soviet Union's own Leon Trotsky as a means to attack the gentiles who were resistant to the jewish influenced policies of Marxism. But Carter's observation is right on. What he is attempting to describe is called tribalism, which is a natural, normal and healthy aspect of human nature.
White people are uncomfortable with a black president because black people are a different race with differing notions of morality, social order, organizational adherence to laws and so on. That's why 99% of those protesting against socialism are White.

Kupelian goes on,

Racism – in the form of slavery, and later segregation – was America's one great national sin.

I would point out to people that the first, and for a long time the only, people to say what Kupelian just said, were Marxists.

In the past some have called slavery a sin, but never "racism." For you see, "racism" is the sin which DID NOT EXIST ANY WHERE OR AT ANY TIME UNTIL evangelical Christians created this "sin" about 30 or 40 years ago.

So it should be of no surprise that those same Evangelical Christians are moving more and more to the left, increasingly supporting things such as "gay marriage", which many Christians don't even like to call a sin anymore.

So that which is actually listed in the bible as a sin (homosexuality), is no longer called a sin today. And that which is not listed in the bible as a sin ("racism") is instead called a sin today.

But that would actually fall in line with the biblical prediction that states that there would come a time when people would call that which is good, evil and that which is evil, good.

Kupelian stumbles on,

Moreover, because the national government (which opposed slavery) held the moral high ground over the southern states (which wanted to retain slavery), the vital power balance between states rights and the federal government was destroyed during the civil war, with the federal government establishing dominance and growing uncontrollably ever since.

I shouldn't say it, but I will. It takes a truly sick and twisted mind to write what Kupelian wrote there.

The Union held the moral high ground!
So, by extension then, he is admitting that the British held the moral high ground in 1776, is he not?

As for the north vs. south thing, well, the heart and soul of America has always been in the south. From the first settlement at Jamestown in Virginia, to the proportionally high number of southern Founding Fathers (such as Washington and Jefferson), the south was America.

The north, on the other hand, has ALWAYS been the seat of liberaldom in North America. It was the northerners who fostered every leftist social ill from abolition to the gay rights movement; from desegregation to banning prayer in schools.
And continuing that tradition, the north is currently, and by far, the most liberal place in America.

Kupelian goes on,

For decades afterwards, segregation remained a blight on our nation. Fortunately, it was legally and culturally purged during the 1960s civil rights movement, when the nation embraced Martin Luther King's "dream" of a colorblind America.

The above leads me to conclude that Kupelian is either intentionally misinforming or he just plain ignorant.

For one thing the "Civil Rights" movement was a fundamentally Marxist movement. You can not separate its varying aspects which run from desegregation to the promotion of gay rights and tossing prayer out of the schools. It is all one package.

Secondly, segregation is also called Freedom of Association. If a people do not have the right to discriminate in whom they will work, live and worship among, then they have no rights.

Thirdly, Martin Luther King DID NOT "dream" of a color blind society. In fact he specifically stated otherwise, quite openly.

"If a city has a 30 percent Negro population, then it is logical to assume that Negroes should have at least 30 percent of the jobs in any particular company..."
-Martin Luther King

Kupelian mutters on,

Nevertheless, in this life, even if we face up to our personal sins, have apologized and made restitution if appropriate, there remains a certain pain called guilt – an uncomfortable memory of our past failings.

And so there Kupelian answers the question his article asks, which is 'Why the elites call you a racist'.

Because for brainwashed anti-White morons like Kupelian, it works!

They call us racists, and Kupelian agrees!

Only White people feel guilty for doing what every other race of people have done, and to far worse degrees.

Kupelian finishes,

So stop caring whether demagogues in high places call you racists, bigots, homophobes, Nazis or Islamophobes. You're Americans, the salt of this earth, and you're not racists. If electing a black man as president in a nation where less than 13 percent of the population is black is not proof positive that America is the least racist nation on earth, then nothing will ever prove it.

So after telling us we're racists and bigots, he advices us to stop caring about people who call us racists and bigots.

Dave, White people voted for Obama because of the guilt that people like you keep pushing on them in proclaiming their ancestors, and the society they created, to be racist.


Folks, to read Kupelian is to gain insight into a mind that has been saturated in anti-White propaganda for decades. It is full of twisted history, perverted and invented morals and prone to pronounce blatant hypocritical and conflicting rhetoric.

In other words, it is typically leftist mind.