Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Can't Be Done?...

from Vdare,

From: C.R.R.

Voluntary deportation, long advocated by American immigration reform patriots, is working successfully here in the Czech Republic.

As many as 2,200 foreigners willingly left our country as part of a trial program started on September 15th. They will not be allowed to return for a period to be determined by how long they illegally lived and worked here.

The Interior Ministry divides the illegal foreigners into two groups. For aliens without financial means, the ministry will pay for their airline ticket and a hotel room the night before departure.

The other group, those with funds, will have to use their ill-gotten gains to purchase passage.

Czech Interior Minister Martin Pecina said of illegal aliens:

"They are really a problem not only for our labor market, but mainly from the point of view of organized crime.” [Over 2,200 Foreigners Join Voluntary Returns Program, Prague Daily Monitor, September 21, 2009]

Pecina sums up the problem that illegal immigrants represent not only in the Czech Republic but also in the U.S.