Saturday, October 31, 2009

One Year Ago...

(originally posted on October 30 2008)

Here is an interesting critique.

It's amazing how, every four years, politicians come out and repeat the same promises they made four years earlier (and never kept) and a certain percentage of the population get all whipped up into a feeding frenzy over the "new era" to come.

Every four years this happens.

This election is no different in this regard.

The only thing worth noting this time is that the candidates are both further to the left than any Presidential candidates have ever been. But they're only slightly to the left of Bush and Kerry in 2004, who were slightly left of Bush and Gore in 2000, who were slightly left of Clinton and Dole in 1996 and so on and so forth.
This is the natural progression of continually voting for "the lesser of two evils".

Both candidates this year, as in years past, represent two doors that lead to the same hell. They're both essentially Corporate Socialists who only differ on how they believe Corporate Socialistic programs should be implemented.

Of course, this election is different in one crucial way though. Race!
Naturally the left is playing the race card, garnering around 99% of the black vote.
Yet the Republicans have done no less in their grand scheme to flood the nation with 35 million Mexicans, believing that if they were encouraged to maintain their language, given no-fault mortgages and Amnesty, that they would instantly mutate into "conservatives".

But despite the GOP's ongoing protocol of kicking White America in the collective nuts, the Republican party, never-the-less, remains the default political party of White Americans. (the portion of White guilt-induced lemmings not withstanding) This is why Uncle Jauns' campaign went with Sarah 'All American -moose hunting-gal next door' Palin as VP. It was a direct and overt courting of White voters. Hence the Left's unhinged attacks upon the femitician.

And it's been interesting seeing how Whites react to this new found reality wherein, despite all of their best efforts to deny it to the contrary, Race matters.

I've seen it in the way Evangelical and Catholic Christians bring up abortion (and "black genocide" by inference, directly or not) as a way to appeal to black voters to reject the pro-abortion 'Man With No Middle Name'.

But then there are those intrepid few who are still strolling through a balkanized, ghettoized and crumbling post-American America and still seeing Mayberry RFD everywhere they look.

You know the types. They go on and on about The New World Order, or The War on Terror or re-surging Russia or emerging China.....Armageddon, WWIII, Economic Meltdown, Pandemics, Epidemics etc, etc...anything but what is actually happening in America in terms of demographic race replacement and the cultural move to the far left.
And these are the same people who went hook, line and sinker for the whole Y2K thing!

And why?

Because fictional bogymen and convoluted conspiracies are a heck of a lot more fun (and easy) to cope with than the actual hellish ruin that is ensconcing real world Western Civilization.

And a great many of these people are going to be gravely disappointed when they find that, if for example, the economy does crash, life keeps going right on along, the economy gets rebuilt and things trudge along as they always did.
The same goes for World Wars, Epidemics and a whole host of other calamities that have, time after time, struck kingdoms, nations and empires.
"There is nothing new under the sun."

Could things "get bad" in the immediate future?
Then they'll get good again, then bad again, then good again and so on....relatively speaking.

But then again, things have been getting gradually bad for 60+ years, occasionally seasoned with a few "good" things.

The point is, those expecting some "event" to come along and stop the world from turning, are in for a big let down.

Our situation today is like being in a slowly sinking boat.
The first steps for White America is to except the fact that,
1. The Ship is being flooded and is in fact sinking.
2. There are a pesky few rascals going around drilling holes in the ship.
3. The only solution is to stop the rascals, bail out the water and plug up the holes.

Will future events precipitate the above steps?


But as with all history, it is likely to be an occasion whose beginning may not be recognized by those who lived it and whose conclusion will likely be decades, if not centuries, removed from its genesis.

Most of the truly great Historical Moments are only noted as such, long after they have occurred.

Many potentially great men have gone mad and gray haired, hauled up in a compound or cave somewhere, waiting for the sky to fall.
While many others expectantly (and sadly, excitedly) wait upon a doomsday (that will never arrive) for the opportunity to run up to the rest of us and say, "I told you so!"

From these types it would be well advised to flee.
They will either turn on you when the going gets rough, or abandon you when needed most.

Ally yourself with only those who can, rationally, place events in greater contexts and except reality for what it is, rather than what they wish it to be.

The End is not nigh...