Thursday, November 5, 2009


Someone discovers diversity, almost,

In countless news pieces, we were told that bomber Timothy McVeigh – since rushed to his execution with his cooperation – was inspired to commit the act by the book "The Turner Diaries." This is a novel written by a white supremacist who fantasizes about a future in which his white-power protagonists will finally hang their other-racial enemies, while striking explosive blows against an oppressive government secretly run by a Jewish conspiracy. The author has written (crudely, in a style that borders on illiterate) another book called "Hunter," about a fellow whose hobbies include shooting interracial couples for fun.

I did this research in the months following the Oklahoma City bombing. In the intervening years I forgot most of it, gratefully. When you immerse yourself in racist hate literature, it creates a sensation akin to dipping your head in a bucket of garbage. It is cloying, smothering, fetid and unpleasant; you can't wait to remove yourself from it. All of this came flooding back to me when I happened across a copy of "America Libre" by Raul Ramos y Sanchez.


the author claims he wrote the book "as a wake-up call to the dangers of extremism – on both sides of this explosive issue. Illegal immigration is a hotly debated topic. Yet it is only the tip of the iceberg." The first portion of this statement is a blatant lie. "America Libre" is nothing less than a Chicano nationalist "Turner Diaries," a racist, hate-filled screed that gins up anti-Anglo resentment by painting a fantasy landscape in which all Hispanics are rounded up and put in camps. Ramos' heroes revolt, hoping to create a U.N.-recognized "Hispanic Republic of North America."

The book is almost competently written, though the author makes many amateurish mistakes as he rushes through his exposition with too much omniscient narration. One rule of good writing is to show the reader rather than tell the reader. Ramos ignores this rule from the outset, as he has a lot of work to do. Specifically, his book is concerned primarily with depicting, transparently, all non-Hispanics as racist, ignorant, incompetent fools driven only by hatred and given only to brutality. There are no complex characters; there are only Hispanics to varying degrees of purity (ranging from a traitorous gang member to Mano, the novel's protagonist) and Anglos exhibiting varying degrees of racism. To the extent that military veteran and bodybuilder Mano at first loves America, then becomes only too eager to commit cold-blooded murder in seeking revenge for the injustices perpetrated against Hispanics, his character could be considered dynamic. He is, however, only a convenient water boy carrying the author's racist hate.


It's a very simple formula......integration leads to social instability. Solution.....segregation.

In every place and in every time, diverse societies are plagued with racial/religious/ethnic animosity. No exceptions.

Always it takes totalitarian regimes to hold together empires. Freedom of speech and freedom of association are outlawed (the author of the article above laments such freedom).

Time and time again we have seen that when peoples gain their freedom they segregate themselves into their own societies. This has happened recently in eastern Europe where, after suffering under the PC regimes of Communist dictatorships in the 20th century, the peoples there (once they had their freedom) segregated themselves along ethnic/racial lines. Thus the existence of Russia, Ukraine, Lithuania, the Czech Rep., Slovakia and so on.

Diversity is Tyranny. Always it fosters violence and slavery.

The only thing keeping people today from peaceably segregating themselves and partitioning the lands is the heavy hand of Corporate commerce which endlessly seeks a Consumerist, global, Empire...