Sunday, November 8, 2009

And The Problem Is?...

NEW YORK – Troops in the United States' USNORTHCOM ranks appear to have adopted a shoulder patch showing a North American continental design, with an emphasis on United Nations colors, giving evidence of the strength of a plan to integrate North America.

The patch reveals the continent of North America in the orange and blue colors typical to the U.N.

It also carries the image of a mosque to designate the unit's service in North Africa in World War II.

...the integration of the U.S. with Canada and Mexico, long deemed by many as little more than a fanciful "conspiracy theory," actually was an idea promoted by the Council on Foreign Relations and sold to President Bush as a means of increasing commerce and business interest throughout North America, according to a top Canadian businessman.


No doubt over-weight khaki wearing "patriots" will break out into cold sweats over this but circa 2010 America is already merely a brand name, not an actual nation with an actual people with an actual culture.
The flood of 30 million Mexicans into America has already guarenteed that America and Mexico are, in fact, integrated into one political entity. Our crime rates, decreasing quality of living and general cultural stagnation already betray us as the banana republic we are.
And Canada?
Canada is America's largest national park. But if its radical leftist ideology gives you pause, then prepare to stay paused for a long time to come, cause America is already half way down the Maple Leaf Lefty road.

But really, America has somewhere in the neighborhood of 700 military "stations" around the world today. It seems a tad bit insincere for some to shout to the rest of the world, "leave America alone you big bullies!"