Sunday, November 15, 2009

Beware The Tall Grass!!!

Originally posted January, 2008

This election year illegal immigration (as opposed to legal, which is just as civilizationally devastating) will be a hot topic. No doubt the Left, Corporate America and the Mexican Government (with its sub-branches in America such as La Raza) have been hard at work on new tactics leading up to the election. After their brilliant decision to rampage through America’s streets burning the American flag failed to win the hearts and minds of Americans, we can only assume that next time they’ll perhaps try to burn down an entire city. (It’s important to note that the decision of the protest organizers to march through the streets of America in an effort to shut down cities was a tactic meant to frighten the American people and Government into submission. In this, what they did was absolutely no different than what the terrorists did on 911. And considering that illegals have killed around 60,000 Americans since 2001, they are in fact much more proficient terrorists than every single muslim group on planet Earth put together)

Many people have laid out the reasons why this mass invasion of our country (politely referred to as illegal immigration) is bad economically.

Now, setting aside the rapid spread of new and previously defeated diseases in America by this mass invasion, as well as the rapid rise in violent crimes that are quickly reaching into every city, town and neighborhood from Maine to Oregon, let us just for a moment take them at their word and consider what the pro-immigrant crowd’s argument boils down to.

  1. The illegals are simply doing the jobs Americans will not.
  2. Those jobs in question are the menial jobs such as mowing lawns, picking fruit etc..
  3. If we deport the illegals those jobs will not get done.

Thus we can conclude from the pro-immigrant crowds talking points that the most severe fallout from deporting the illegals would (essentially) be…… taller grass!

Now that point can work no matter where you wish too apply it….unpicked fruit (the horror!), slow service in restaurants (the inhumanity!), disheveled country club landscapes (is there no end to the tragedy!),..

And considering that 95% of Americans eat fast food, cut their own grass and don’t belong to country clubs, its not difficult to figure out who in fact is benefiting from the services attributed to illegals.

Its also worth keeping in mind that if the fruit and vegetable fields in California were vacated of workers and productivity, it would be a boon to regional (as in LOCAL) fruit and vegetable growers.
(How quickly Americans forget that conglomeration of Industry is detrimental to local economies…)

To be fair though, Old Media has been complicit in this forgotten knowledge. The reason being, Old Media (large papers, magazines, networks etc.) has been conglomerated itself and is now part of (as in owned by) the “business community”. As such, it kisses the ass of its benefactors

This can be seen in its two-faced approach to lulling the masses. For example, when they wish to downplay the long-term effect of mass invasion, they give us stories about "Pedro", the lone Mexican migrant worker/day laborer who is only here to raise a few extra pesos for the family back home. Then when they are called upon to protect Corporate America’s assets, hard working- guest worker "Pedro", miraculously morphs into long suffering- hope of tomorrow "Maria". "Maria" is always a hardworking single mother working as a waitress or housekeeper to support 2 lovable Tiny-Tim’ish type children (who are always around ten and never age) and their dog Spot.

(In real life, of course, “Maria” is a 35-year-old welfare recipient with 6 teenage sons, three of whom are in prison and the other three in gangs. But reality doesn’t adequately play on White America’s sympathies)

And for those who fall for the poor third world immigrant bit, just remind them of what country routinely ranks in the top 15 most powerful economies in the world.

I’ll give you a hint; it begins with M ends with O and has an X in the middle.
If they can organize 30 million Mexicans to protest "for change" in America then they can sure as hell do it in Mexico as well...

So as the year progresses towards the election and immigration remains the defining topic of our generation, if you find yourself in a debate with a pro-immigrant shill and they ask, "What would happen without the illegals?", just give them the most obvious and honest answer..."We'd have taller grass!"