Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Just A Wacky Incident, Nothing More...

A prominent Columbia architecture professor punched a female university employee in the face at a Harlem bar during a heated argument about race relations, cops said yesterday.

Police busted Lionel McIntyre, 59, for assault yesterday after his bruised victim, Camille Davis, filed charges.

McIntyre and Davis, who works as a production manager in the school's theater department, are both regulars at Toast, a popular university bar on Broadway and 125th Street, sources said.

The professor, who is black, had been engaged in a fiery discussion about "white privilege" with Davis, who is white, and another male regular, who is also white, Friday night at 10:30 when fists started flying, patrons said.


I guess he didn't really want to have a conversation about race.

The NY Post is about the only major media outlet to cover this story. And even they treat it as one of those quirky little pieces about 'slice-of-life' New York.

The irony here is that the arguement was over "White privilege", yet the black guy was given a slap on the wrist for the attack. Had he been a White man sucker punching a black woman he would have had swat teams busting down his door, been the focus of national news media and charged with a "hate crime".