Tuesday, December 22, 2009

About Law?

Illegal: forbidden by law or statute

The outlaws in Congress are gearing up for a new amnesty push to reward criminals for breaking our laws by smuggling themselves into our country, stealing our jobs and draining resources (medical, education, law enforcement). Ethically bankrupt individuals like Sens. Harry Reid, Juan McCain and Reps. Joe Baca and Luis Gutierrez will be the ring leaders in this upcoming battle.

Political correctness and outright cowardice in dealing with the invasion of close to 20 MILLION illegal aliens, regardless of country of origin, has brought nothing but misery and pain to this nation. It hasn't mattered one bit to these professional politicians that the word illegal means forbidden by law.

It hasn't mattered one bit to federal judges who have ruled that criminals who break our laws have some sort of "right" to free health care, free education and other financial benefits paid for by the sweat of your labor. Those federal judges should have been impeached by Congress. Instead, their rulings have wrecked havoc on our people and nation while Congress has sat on their corrupt backsides and done nothing.


An informative article handicapped by the, "regardless of country of origin", acquiescence.

You cannot defend your family, nation and civilization by kowtowing to the rules of the very people who wish you harm. And make no mistake, the Left does in fact wish you harm.

Attempting to address the subject with a PC preemptive such as, "bu this isn't about race" makes your entire point, pointless.

Immigration is about race. To say otherwise is to lie and become a self-contradicting hypocrite (aka a liberal).

If it is only about "following the law" then what will those such as Ms. Kidd say when the law is changed and mass migration of the third world into America is made legal?

And what will such as those say when the science begins to affirm the prognosis of racial diversity as described by racialists?

Probably, "I knew it all along!"