Friday, December 4, 2009

The Free Press...

A Mallard Fillmore cartoon has caused political controversy among the politically correct, so much so that one of the cartoons’ syndicated publications, Newsday, issued an apology. After all, a large newspaper in America has an obligation to censor anything that challenges the orthodoxies of our times. We can’t have anything in our papers that make us think! To quote Newsday:

Newsday issued a statement saying, “we expect the cartoons we publish, many of which are nationally syndicated, to amuse, stir and entertain, but never to offend. Hate crime is a serious issue. This nationally syndicated cartoon should never have run and we have expressed our concern to the syndicator.”

The cartoon simply makes the point that the idea of classifying crimes as “hate crimes” is ridiculous, for indeed, aren’t all violent crimes, “hate crimes?” Isn’t most murder or assault motivated by “hate.” In the cartoon, the prehistoric victim of the appetite of a Tyrannosaurus Rex feels relief because he will be eaten not because he is certain breed of dinosaur.

The cartoon can be seen at the link which, by the way, is to David Duke's website. This is important as it illustrates the point all the more.


Most will roll their eyes at this cartoon "scandal" yet flinch at the link to Duke's site.

All those who boast of our free press and open market media should ask themselves why those with Duke's viewpoints don't have their own shows on CNN or FOX along with Beck or Madow. And claiming that those views are "radical" won't suffice, as the current "Climategate" exposes the radical nature of the mainstream media (which pushed global warming) as much as it does leftist scientists.

As it is, conservative and liberal talking heads all spout the same ideology with no descent our "free press". Convenient, huh?

But that is what happens when a select few dictate what is radical what isn't.