Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Higher Learning In The Third World Republic Of Virginia...

CHRISTIANSBURG, Va. (AP) - A former Virginia Tech graduate student pleaded guilty Monday to decapitating a classmate who had rejected his romantic advances, prosecutors said as they revealed a motive for the first time in the campus cafe killing.

Haiyang Zhu (hy-yuhng-joo) had fallen in love with Xin Yang (shin yuhng), but she told him she had a boyfriend that she planned to marry, prosecutors said.


The killing stunned a campus that still had vivid memories of the mass slayings in April 2007, when a student gunman shot 32 people and then took his own life.


I don't believe this story got much nationwide attention. Yet there was a time when mass murders and public beheadings weren't par for the course in America.

It begs the question, at what point will people wake up to the fact that Leftist ideology ("equality", non-discrimination, "hate crimes" and the rest) leads to a world in which a person's daily life is filled with reckless violence and chaos? A world where, in spite of a totalitarian government and paramilitary style police forces, you can scarcely go grocery shopping without fear of being the victim of "diversity".
And since non-prejudice is the sacred religion of the moment, that means Whites will either be physically assaulted and likely murdered by non-Whites or Whites will be punished for PC thought crimes for attempting to avoid a violent fate at the hands of "diversity".

We have literally turned our world upside down and surrendered ourselves and our posterity to a violent, depraved and ruinous future on the premise of an obvious lie.

There is no racial equality. Race is not "skin deep".

The dramatic, fundamental, differences in race are attested to by science, sociology and history.
You can, with your very own eyes, see that "equality" is as vapid a lie as has ever been embraced by mankind.

Everyday, in a multitude of ways, Whites see and experience the fact that non-Whites are very, VERY, different from them.
We know this.
We ALL know this.
And we all know that "equality" is a lie.

We see our nation and civilization becoming more violent, increasingly ignorant and literally crumbling down around us as the percentage of non-Whites increases.

How long can we continue to bite our tongues and tell ourselves that our own eyes are mistaken?