Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Honky Holds The High Ground?...

Ethnic groups say 'white' isn't enough on the 2010 census

With her light-brown skin and Islamic headscarf, Khadigah Alasry of Dearborn said she doesn't see herself as white.

But the Arab American is officially classified as such by the U.S. government, which says that anyone with roots in the Middle East -- including north Africa -- is white.


In 1965 the immigration restrictions put in place in 1924 were thrown out. At the time our leaders (including Ted Kennedy who pushed for the new immigration laws) insisted that it would not affect the historical character of the nation. Whites, who at the time were around 90% of the population, would fall to no more than 75% of the population.
We had absolutely nothing to worry about.

Twelve years later, we had something to worry about!

Or so it would seem.

In 1977 our government still believed it could be brought to heel under the silent White majority. We can only assume that projections then showed the demographic upheaval underway more dramatic than previously expected. So old Uncle Sam decided to hide that reality by classifying increasing numbers of people from North Africa and the middle-east, as "white".

That, along with other obfuscations in the racial categorization in census material, allowed the government to keep demographic concerns at bay.

Did it work?
After all Arabs are still a small percentage of the population.

However, toss in other "Caucasians" and Hispanic- "whites" and presto,

America is, officially, 75% "white" in 2009!


Officially, America is 65% non-Hispanic- "white" in 2009.


Factor in the real numbers of illegals (which probably reach 20 to 30 million) and then count only as White those peoples indigenous to Europe and , well, America is most likely around 53% White.

And that means that America will slip under the 50% mark much, much sooner than the projected 2050 time frame.

But the time bought by the obfuscations allowed for such non-sense as "diversity is our strength" to enter the lexicon.

Sadly there are some delusional Whites who believe that when we do slip under 50%, we too will become "ethnic" and just another "minority".

No, sorry. Whites will stay the majority until Whites are no more. That is how the Left operates. If Whites decline to 2% of the population of America we'll still be considered an oppressive majority.
Don't worry, the Left will thing of something.
After all, if you remove Whites from the present you still have the problem of those historical Whites who made up the overwhelming majority in art, engineering, science, architecture, literature, agriculture, exploration, investigation, philosophy, mathematics and so on over the past 3,000 years!

Look for terms like "trans-generational majority" to pop up in the coming years.