Thursday, December 3, 2009

So Telling...

JERUSALEM (JTA) -- A vote in Switzerland banning the construction of minarets on new mosques is drawing criticism from Jewish groups.

The national referendum Nov. 29 passed with 57.5 percent of the vote. The extreme right-wing Swiss People’s Party, the largest party in the Swiss Parliament, strongly promoted the measure.

“The referendum result amounts to an attack on the fundamental values of mutual respect,” American Jewish Committee Executive Director David Harris said Tuesday. “While there are certainly understandable concerns in Europe over Islamist extremism, these cannot be legitimately addressed through a blanket assault on Muslim communities and their religious symbols.”

The Anti-Defamation League in a statement Tuesday urged the Swiss government to be vigilant in its commitment to ensuring freedom of religion.


Nothing hypocritical about that.

As was written here before, jews and muslims are birds of feather. They are not only genetic cousins but ideological ones as well. This can be observed in the fact that jews react towards the questioning of the holocaust in much the same way muslims react to the questioning of islam. In both cases, in many nations, you can be thrown in jail for either one.