Friday, January 1, 2010

Diversity And The Cheapening Of Life...

Two hours after the photo was taken, Hall and Hoffman were attacked by a homeless man, Derrick King, near Wabash Avenue and Roosevelt Road, after telling him they didn't have any cigarettes. King and a second person then beat, stomped and kicked Hall unconscious, she said.

When King, 48, pleaded guilty this October to two criminal charges in the attack and was sentenced to three years in prison, Hall and Hoffman thought he wouldn't be able to harm anyone else -- at least for a while.

But just 18 days after that plea, state records show, King was paroled.... And the next day, King allegedly threatened another woman, near the same place he attacked Hall...Arrested again, King is back in prison after being charged with assault. Despite the three-year sentence for the attack on Hall, King was released from prison after receiving credit for serving a little more than 13 months in Cook County Jail. He was one of more than 1,700 inmates released from Sept. 16 to Dec. 13 under the Department of Corrections' accelerated Meritorious Good Time Program.

Meanwhile, the last year has been difficult for Hall.


The perpetrator is black and the victims are, of course, White. (photos at the link show both, as well as the damage done to the woman)

The article refers to the perpetrator as "homeless" but is pays to keep in mind that "homeless" means, legally, to have no legal residence.
In that, he may spend his days and nights living with ten other "homies" in an an apartment playing video games, and still be considered "homeless".