Thursday, January 14, 2010

Us, Them And They...

Believe it or not, it is election time again. The Texas Republican Primary is only seven short weeks away and already both parties have turned their attack dogs loose on me . . . doing everything they can to make sure I am defeated.

Never mind all the good I have been able to accomplish for freedom and the American taxpayer in Congress, the enemies of freedom and the elites in Washington want me gone.

Well Ron, that is the situation you face when you have no literal Us to stand with. Your supporters are anybody who happens along and who momentarily "digs your style".

What you have is a proposition platform and a proposition ideology. You have no literal people to fall back on for support and strength.

Creeds can be ignored. Agreements, tossed aside.

And philosophies and political ideologies are always mutating, maturing and/or adapting.

But a biological people; a nation in the traditional sense, is the rock upon which we find shelter from the many storms of life. It gives us meaning and definition, regardless of whatever turbulent isms are floating about in any given century.