Sunday, February 21, 2010


By A.W. Morgan

“This is embarrassing.”

That is what direct mail tycoon and conservative rainmaker Richard Viguerie told Ralph Hallow, official scrivener of the conservative “movement” for the Washington Times, when Hallow asked him about the ballyhooed Mount Vernon Statement.

(In case you hadn’t heard, the Mount Vernon Statement, released on Feb. 17, is a manifesto that America’s Beltway conservatives threw together to oppose President Barack Hussein Obama. At least ostensibly.)

“If the people in the leadership of the conservative movement are going to put out pablum like this, the tea party people are going to make them seem irrelevant. And the tea party people are going to march to the forefront,” the king of direct-mail fundraising huffed.

“[I]n a dig at current and former Republican congressional leaders whom many blame for betraying conservative principles of limited government and reduced spending, Hallow reported, “Mr. Viguerie added, ‘This is almost as if the movement’s leaders were taken over by Tom DeLay and John Boehner.’” [Conservative manifesto makes bid to reunify, By Ralph Z. Hallow, February 15, 2010]

In fact, it was as if the movement’s leader were taken over by … Viguerie himself. Two days later, Viguerie not only signed the Mount Vernon statement, but also pronounced it absolutely wonderful:

“I feel it’s a good first step, and I applaud those conservatives who have provided the leadership to produce this statement of conservative principles. In the coming weeks, I look forward to working with all principled conservatives, including the newest branch of the small-limited government coalition, the Tea Partiers, to take the steps necessary to maximize our victories in 2010 and beyond. For years, I’ve said the number one problem for the cause of limited government is that many conservatives became an appendage of the GOP.” [Richard Viguerie on the Mount Vernon Statement, February 17, 2010]

And, said he who had been embarrassed 24 hours earlier, “Hopefully, the Mount Vernon Statement will draw a line to clearly separate the principled conservatives from the majority of Washington politicians (Republican and Democratic) who want to continue to expand the reach, power, control, and influence of government at all levels.”

We don’t know what internecine infighting caused Viguerie to change his mind. But he and the rest of the usual crowd of Beltway conservatives ginned up The Conservative Action Project just in time for the Conservative Political Action Conference (see here for Peter Brimelow’s reflections on last year’s CPAC) and just days after the national Tea Party Convention in Nashville.

Anyone with a brain knows what’s going on here. The cast of conmen who have been helming the Beltway Right for 40 years, described by Fox News as a “Who’s Who” of “conservative grass roots leaders”, see in the newly awakened Americans who have taken to the streets to oppose the president’s leftist agenda a sorely-needed cash cow.

Check the Web sites that feature the statement. They ask for signatories to provide contact information, sometimes including…a mailing address! One site features a questionnaire asking the signer to reveal his “interests.”

And these professional “conservatives” really believe these Americans are going to buy their little document.

Well, they bought Dubya and they're buying Palin. So why not?

All a candidate would have to do is nuke Iran and paint all the highways 'Red, White and Blue' and the average conservative American would crown him emperor for life.

Most seem to forget that voters have very short memories.

They can be starved for three and half years then fed steak for six moths and they'll re-elect the crooks in "the beltway" all over again.