Friday, February 12, 2010

History: Enemy Of The People!...

Academics have attacked a decision by a top university to scrap research into English history before 1700.

It was claimed that the move by Sussex University risked jeopardising the nation’s understanding of the subject and “entrenching the ignorance of the present”.

Under plans, research and in-depth teaching into periods such as the Tudors, the Middle-Ages, Norman Britain, the Viking invasion and the Anglo-Saxons will be scrapped, along with the Civil Wars.


History has always been an enemy of The Left.

When they aren't re-writing it they're outright banning it from being taught. That's because liberalism is generally the denial of reality. And history confirms reality.

The excuse of budget cuts is par for the course as well.

How much money does the British government spend on its vast welfare state that is currently flooding Britain with thirdworlders?

It's all by design.

It's all on schedule.

Britain is on its way to becoming another Haiti.