Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The New World...

Modern classical music is so widely disliked by audiences because the human brain struggles to find patterns it needs to understand the compositions as music.

While traditional classical music follows strict patterns and formula that allow the brain to make sense of the sound, modern symphonies by composers such as Arnold Schoenberg and Anton Webern simply confuse listeners' brains.

Philip Ball, author of The Music Instinct, has drawn on the latest scientific findings from neuroscientists to show structure and patterns in music are a fundamental part of musical enjoyment.

He said: "Many people still seem to find modern classical music challenging. If that is the case, then they can relax as it is challenging for a good reason and it is not because they are in some way too musically stupid to appreciate it.


Hmmm, according to Wikipedia Mr. Schoenberg's music was labeled as degenerate by the Nazi party.

Ditto for Mr. Webern.

There are, in our times, two opposing forces in ideology which factor into morals, economy, philosophy and art. And those forces are tradition vs. modern, each representing a worldview which realizes the world it chooses to embrace. (one -the traditional-, however, is true while the other -modern- is an illusion which manifests contempt of the real; of truth, value and beauty)

But "modern" is a deceptive description, for it feigns to project itself as an updated rendition of what came before.

It isn't.

"Modern", as in modern art or modern classical music, is basically anti-Western, anti-truth, anti-value and anti-beauty.

And that raises the question,

What world did we embrace post-1945?